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Themed Sessions

Themed session title

Session Convener

Animals in the leisure experience

Neil Carr

Challenging the Limits of Leisure Volunteering

Kirsten Holmes, Karen Smith, Leonie Lockstone-Binney, Tom Baum

Educational travel

Michael Tarrant

Exploring Gender and Leisure

Simone Fullagar & Adele Pavlidis


Patricia Erfurt-Cooper

Health, Wellness and Recreational Tourism

Patricia Erfurt-Cooper

Indigenous Perspectives of Outdoor Recreation/Leisure

Anna Thompson

Leisure and Alternative Cultures

Alan Law & Stephen Wearing

Leisure & Heritage: the material and the immaterial

Michael Conlin & Lee Davidson

Leisure and the City: Progress in Urban Leisure Research

Stephen Page

Leisure and the Mobilities Turn

Tara Duncan

Outdoor Adventure Experience at the Crossroads

Shayne Galloway

Professionalisation - A cure or a curse for the event management sector

Olga Junek, Leonie Lockstone-Binney & Martin Robertson

Risk and leisure

Paolo Mura

Sex in the leisure experience

Neil Carr

Social Psychological Aspects of Physically Active Leisure across the Lifespan

Julie Son

Understanding Youth and Family Leisure in a Changing Society

Keri Schwab & Laurie Browne

When “the Rest” enters “the West”: Renegotiating “leisure” in touristic settings

Sybille Frank


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