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Frequently asked questions

What events does Aquinas have?

Aquinas has a busy social events calendar with a variety of social, sporting, cultural and community events in place. The student association often organises these events and other events are organised by the RAs.

Every year the College has a ball, a ski trip, a mid-Winter Christmas dinner and a number of formal dinners.

More information about social events at Aquinas

Am I able to come in for a tour?

Definitely a good idea! You can find our contact details here to arrange a day and time.

How much do the shuttles to Uni cost?

The shuttles to campus are free. They run every hour from 7:40 am to 6:10 pm Monday – Friday. The College van also runs at 9 pm and 11 pm during the exam period.

What criteria does Aquinas use to select their residents?

The academic ability to succeed in tertiary study combined with involvement in the community. A person who is involved in various activities and who has a good reference from their school is ideal.

Do I have internet access in my room?

Every bedroom has access to the University Wireless Internet 24/7. All of our common areas also have access to the network which is particularly handy in tutorials and study areas.

For those of you who don't have their own laptop/computer; we also have a modern computer room (equipped with a Printer, Mac & PCs) available to use.

Do you guys have a Facebook page?

Yes we do. All of our pictures from events are on this site. It is a great place to meet other residents and to talk with other people who have lived at Aquinas in previous years.

Like our page on Facebook today so you can ask any questions about your upcoming year at Aquinas, or just to get a further glimpse of what life at Aquinas is like. 

How do I get to Aquinas College?

How do I apply for Aquinas College?

When’s the due date for applications to Aquinas College?

Applications should be in by 30 September of the previous year, though applications for accommodation can be made at any time.

What sports teams does Aquinas have?

You name it we probably have a team for it! As long as there is sufficient interest in a sport then we will form a team and have competitions in the local leagues or against other Colleges.

Can parents stay with their child when they move in?

Unfortunately not. The College has a capacity issue accommodating parents of every person who lives in the College! There is a no guest policy for students in the first 2 weeks because we believe it is important for the residents to meet each other and form friendships quickly.