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Our people

Senior Tutors

Patrick Chong

Patrick Chong leads the Sub-Warden team and as well leads the provision of tutorials. As well as teaching some classes himself Patrick ensures that Arana has the best tutorials possible and that the programme is flexible for residents. Patrick is involved in all other aspects of College life and assists other University Departments in a variety of tasks.

Patrick has BSc(hons) Malaysia Diploma in Education (Malaysia) Diploma in Civil Engineering (Otago Polytechnic) MBA (Otago).  Patrick oversees the learning Support programme, the Pastoral care team and the night security team.  Patrick is a renowned teacher of Physics.

Kirsten Eichstaedt (currently on maternity leave)

Kirsten Eichstaedt is from South Otago and has completed an honours degree in Economics and Tourism as well as a Masters Degree in Tourism, all at Otago University. Kirsten lived at Arana as an undergraduate and has also held roles as a Sub Warden and Senior Sub Warden as well as being employed as a University Tutor. Kirsten has a variety of interests including netball ,rugby, swimming, diving, sewing and quilting.

Recently employed in a business mentoring organisation Kirsten is very much looking forward to her new position at Arana. Kirsten commenced her employment in late January 2013 and will “live –In “. Kirsten will actively involved in the Arana learning support programme and will have a direct leadership role with the Arana Sub Warden team.

Kirsten has MTOUR (Otago), Bcom (Hons) Tour, she looks after the event calendar and co-ordinates the sporting, cultural and social events with the Sub Wardens.
Kirsten works with Patrick in the Pastoral Care Team.

Operations Manager

Tracy de Woeps

Sub Wardens

Sub Wardens are important members of staff. They provide a quality welfare service and can supply general information and answer queries outside office hours. Each floor or house has a Sub Warden, who is a senior student employed by the University to work with residents. Plan to get to know your Sub Warden and utilise this helpful, friendly person. They are the Arana College staff member that you will have the most contact with. Sub Wardens are also knowledgeable about campus agencies and the services these agencies can provide to students.

Your Sub Warden will be able to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have. The Sub Wardens and residents are responsible for helping to create an atmosphere conducive to study and general enjoyment of College life.

The Sub Wardens are there to help you learn how to live responsibly with other individuals. They are responsible for confronting you when your behaviour breaches University of Otago and/or Arana College rules and regulations. They also have the job of being a friend and a disciplinarian who is willing to take time off their own studies to be of service to you.

Your Sub Wardens recognize that they cannot make Arana College a good place to live without your help. When they need your cooperation, they will ask you for it and you will be expected to respond to their requests. Most importantly, the Sub Wardens are interested in you and want your College experience to be a positive one. They are supportive of your personal growth and success in the University community.

Finance and Administration Team

The Food Service Manager

Brian Galvin

The Property Manager

The Property Manager works closely with Mark Robertson, who looks after maintenance.