Welcome to the annual conference of the ASAANZ

13th - 15th December 2009, The Yacht Club Hotel, Picton, New Zealand. Hosted by the Social Anthropology Programme of the Department of Anthropology, Gender and Sociology, University of Otago, Dunedin.

This conference celebrates the community of anthropologists living and/or researching in Aotearoa/New Zealand, and also invites papers from around the world. Paper presentations will be accepted digitally, e.g., via YouTube. They may also, of course, be delivered in person. Students, Academics, Past Anthropology Students, Anthropologists currently working with industry, government and ngos and all members of the general public are welcome to attend.


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The Association regrets it has NO funds to support conference participation. Participants will be responsible for their own expenses.


TWO IMPORTANT NOTES FOR INTERNATIONAL VISITORS: (1.) VISAS: Participants from abroad are advised to inquire about New Zealand's visa policy and make any necessary arrangements. Information can be obtained at the Immigration New Zealand website or by phoning (0064 4) 474 8100 if dialing from abroad. (2) WEATHER: Please note that New Zealand, especially the South Island, can bring cold spells at any time of year, including the 'summer' month of December. Accordingly you may wish to bring warm clothes as well as summer clothing. Also, some budget accommodations may not be heated to standards that people from abroad expect: another reason to bring warm clothing -- all the more for those who will be traveling in NZ's coastal areas and/or mountains before or after the conference.