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Information for Schools

What is the BEATS-2 Study about?

The BEATS Study has been designed to investigate active transport to school habits in adolescents using the most contemporary and comprehensive theory for active transport; this accounts for individual, social, environmental, and policy influences. The findings will provide valuable and unique information for schools, city councils, transport agencies and land planners.

The results from this study will inform future interventions for built environment change, education campaigns, school policy development, and city/regional policy development.

The BEATS Research Programme is a collaboration between the University of Otago, the Dunedin Secondary Schools' Partnership, Otago Secondary Schools' Principals' Association, Dunedin City Council and Auckland University of Technology.

The BEATS-2 Study is an extension of the Dunedin’s BEATS Study (2013-2017). A summary of the published BEATS Study findings to date is available here.

What will the BEATS-2 Study involve? 

The BEATS-2 Study will survey students in Dunedin secondary schools.

  • Students will complete a 30-35 minute survey at school during one school period, under the supervision of our research team.

Some students may also decide to take part in additional activities.

  • Students will also have an opportunity to participate in a focus group and/or wearing a physical activity meter for 7 days, if they wish.

Detailed information for invited students and parents is available on this website:

When will the BEATS-2 Study take place?

The BEATS-2 Study will be conducted in Dunedin secondary schools in 2021 and 2022.

What involvement is asked from the school?

If your school decides to participate, we would kindly ask for your assistance with:

  • Promoting the study and recruiting students from your school.
  • Organising the days for us to visit your school in order to conduct the data collection.
  • Allowing the BEATS research team access to your school on several days during school time to allow students to take part in this study and one week later to collect physical activity measuring devices.
  • Providing access to a computer/laptop/Chromebook and the internet for students to complete an online study questionnaire.
  • Delivering study information packages to invited students at school.
  • Sending relevant study information in an electronic format (e.g. by email or school’s newsletter) to students and parents in your school.
  • Assisting with collection of consent forms and physical activity measurement devices from students in your school.

How does the school benefit from participation in the BEATS-2 Study?

Each participating school will:

  • Receive a $250 book voucher as a gift to the school library for participation in the study.
  • Receive a thank-you morning tea for all school staff after data collection is completed.
  • Receive a report on the motivations for, and barriers to, active transport to school as reported by the students from their school.

See sample school report

What happens next?

We would greatly appreciate if you and your staff would consider taking part in this study. In early 2021, the BEATS research team contacted all Dunedin secondary schools to discuss the BEATS-2 Study and asked for your school’s participation in this study. For more information about the study, please contact the BEATS Research Team.