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Brain Week 2017 Programme

Tuesday 14 February 2017 4:35pm

The Brain Health Research Centre is proud to announce the full programme for Brain Week Otago 2017, in association with the Otago Museum and the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand.

The programme starts on Wednesday 8 March and continues through until Friday 17 March, with a week of talks and interviews. A digital version of the programme is available here.

Wednesday 8 March (weather permitting)

11am – 2pm | Upper Octagon, George St, Dunedin
Windows to the brain display
Check out our giant inflatable brain, learn more about how the brain works, or try on Concussion googles and get a sense of how concussion can impact your ability to undertake everyday tasks.
Brain Health Research Centre and Dunedin neuro support agencies

Friday 10 March

5.30 – 7pm | Community House, 301 Moray Place, Dunedin
“Getting sleepy” – the reality of sleep
What goes on when we sleep and why is sleep so important. The reality of sleep, or lack of it.
Dr Celia Lie and Regina Hegemann – University of Otago, Brain Health Research Centre

Saturday 11 March | Hutton Theatre, Otago Museum
Neurological Foundation Brain Day

10 – 11am
The brain, the control centre for movement and motor disorders
Understand how the brain controls movement and why movement is impaired in motor disorders such as stroke. What can be done to alleviate these?
Dr Angus McMorland – University of Auckland, hosted by the Neurological Foundation

11am – 12noon
Mind over Machines – we can now control equipment with our mind, how can this be?
Previously the stuff of science fiction movies, using brain-machine interface as a means of helping us in our everyday life is becoming a reality. Hear about the science behind this, which is enabling us to develop everything from prosthetic limbs to drones that are controlled by the mind.
Calvin Kai Young – University of Otago, Brain Health Research Centre

1 – 2pm
Reprogramming the brain following stroke, what can be achieved?
Promoting neuroprotection, regeneration and repair mechanisms to improve recovery of function following a stroke.
Dr Andrew Clarkson – University of Otago, Brain Health Research Centre

2.15 – 3.15pm
Exercise and nutrition for life long improved cognition
Lifelong, healthy cognition from exercise and nutrition.
Dr Liana Machado – University of Otago, Brain Health Research Centre

Half hourly all day | Barclay Theatre, Otago Museum
Journey to the Brain, 10 minute big screen movie
Get a sense of what it would be like to travel from Outer Space to deep inside your brain
This big screen movie will play every half hour from 10am til 3.30pm.

10am – 4pm | Atrium, Otago Museum
Windows to the Brain
Join our neuroscience team at the top of the stairs to walk through our inflatable brain, learn more about what the brain looks like and how it works. Representatives for a number of local support agencies will also be there to talk practical matters with you.
Displays activities and information from Dunedin’s neuro support groups and University of Otago Brain Health Research Centre

Sunday 12 March

2 – 4pm | Barclay Theatre, Otago Museum
A deeper look at Disney’s Inside Out The movie
Watch the movie and hear our neuroscientist discuss the science portrayed in the movie.
Movie 1 hour 45 minutes. Talk 15 minutes + question time

Friday 17 March

10.30am – 12noon | MS Otago rooms, 8 Baker St Caversham
Members of the public welcome. An interactive talk hosted by Muscular Dystrophy NZ
Dr Phil Sheard – University of Otago, Brain Health Research Centre