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Biochemistry Seminar | Prof Sally McCormick

Studies in mice with perturbed lipid profiles: Tales of oxidative stress leading to a clinical trial

Mouse models of hypercholesterolaemia such as the LDLR ­-/- and apoE -­/-­ mouse models have been widely used to study atherosclerosis.

Our laboratory utilises the Lp(a) transgenic mouse model which exhibits a mild from of hyperlipidaemia and is slow to develop atherosclerosis. We have applied proteomic approaches to both the arteries and livers of Lp(a) mice to identify proteins that are regulated before the onset of atherosclerosis.

Our studies indicate that both tissues display an altered regulation in antioxidant and lipid metabolism proteins. We have utilised the Lp(a) and apoE ­‐/- mouse models to study the effect of the antioxidant compound, riboceine, on antioxidant status and lipid levels.

The results of these studies have lead us to clinical trial with riboceine.

Date Tuesday, 17 April 2018
Time 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Audience Public
Event Category Health Sciences
Event Type Seminar
LocationBiochemistry seminar rm 231

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