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Kate McPhail and Cait MacTaggart delivering their masters' research talks image

Kate McPhail (top right) and Cait MacTaggart (bottom left) give their MSc research talks on wing development in moths and peroxidoxin oxidation in aging, respectively.

Over three recent lunchtime sessions, our masters' students have been telling the department about their research projects and where they have got up to with their work.

There have been 11 presentations this year, each lasting 15 minutes, including a question or two from the audience.

The students updated us on ongoing projects we know and love, such as Henru Bornman deciphering molecular details of photosystem II, and introduced us to totally new research topics like Kate McPhail’s research into the genes responsible for wing development in moths and butterflies.

Once again the audience was struck by the diversity in research topics presented, and how much each student has immersed themselves in their project – not just learning about their topic but really taking ownership of their research.

Amazing work everyone! Tino pai ā koutou mahi!

Tuesday 24 October

Kate McPhail – Patterning diversity in insect wings

Henru Bornman – Investigating the role of Ycf48 and LMW proteins on the assembly and function of Photosystem II

Dobbie Finn – A genetic analysis on the causes of truffle-like morphology – what makes a fungus decide to go round

Oliver Newman – Exploring allelic segregation driving enhanced flavonoid production in Trifolium repens leaf tissue

Tuesday 31 October

Caitriona MacTaggart – Peroxiredoxin redox state and ageing

Isaac Green – From prediction to reality: structure and function of CLN6 in Battens disease

Sarah Barber – Determining the molecular basis of PD-I and PD-LI immune checkpoint inhibitors in mouse mammary tumours

Tuesday 7 November

Theresa Matheson-Grant – A threshold model for variant histone H4 pathogenesis in neurodevelopment

Mitchell Walshaw – Connecting histone mutations to the skeleton: H4 and OGP

Jessica Morris – Characterising the UBR7 PHD domain and its role in ubiquitin transfer to histones

Kiri-Moana Burich – Investigating the role of IncTNBC1 in triple-negative cancer growth

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