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2022 MSc Research Presentations

Monday 14 November 2022 11:40am

In a series of four lunchtime sessions held over the past few weeks, Biochemistry Master’s degree students have been presenting their research project progress to assembled members of the Department of Biochemistry.

The students have been working on the research components of their degrees in laboratories across the department, as could be seen in the diversity of their project topics.

Research discussed ranged from the lipoproteins involved in cyanobacteria photosynthesis, fungi genetics, and ubiquitin biochemistry, through to causes of neurodegeneration, and even finding out what gene varients are responsible for making taller people more at risk of cancer than shorter people.

As always, the hard work evident within the research presented was impressive. And, despite some challenging questions from the audience, the atmosphere at these sessions was curious, convivial, and supportive.

Kei whea kē mai te pai o te mahi nei! What an excellent job!

Monday, 31 October
William Fox - Genes involved in mushroom or truffle-like fungi formation
Kristina Jardine - The role of RNF167 in lysosomal regulation within neurons
Megan Addison - Viruses of methanogens in the rumen

Tuesday, 1 November
Ella Redmond - Characterising a non-heading phenotype in the ryegrass cultivar Array
Jeff McAlpine - Understanding and characterising protein-based modulators of ubiquitin transfer
Mischa Ruegg - Dissecting the role of DONSON in Meier-Gorlin syndrome and microcephaly
Hank Niemi - Development in Artemia: Multiple methods for segmentation

Monday, 7 November
Zac Tillet - Developing conformationally selective nanobodies for Peroxiredoxin 1
Chloe Mountain - Investigating interspecies variation of the cytochrome c-Apaf-1 interaction
Ollie Craig - Removal of Photosystem II associated lipoproteins modifies the phenotype of a PsbJ deletion strain
Emily Nielson-Dandoroff - Genetic protection against cancer informed by Mendelian conditions

Tuesday, 8 November
Sarah Hannah - Improving read accuracy for ctDNA diagnostics
Catie Wylie - Investigating the biological role of FrBy in Kiwifruit pollen development
Eve Robson-Clark - Characterising the activation and regulation of RNF167, an E3 ubiquitin ligase
Rhiannon Adams - An investigation of milk whey proteins osteopontin, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase

Photo of a young man standing in front of two screens with a group of people seated watching him.

A light lecture room with views of green trees through windows along one wall, mostly filled with people sitting at rows of tables watching a young woman standing at the front.

Photo Top: Ollie Craig of the Eaton-Rye Lab presents his Master’s research on Photosystem II associated lipoproteins from cyanobacteria to the department. Bottom: Chloe Mountain of the Ledgerwood Lab answers questions from the audience about her research on cytochrome c.