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HRC and Lottery Health funding successes in Biochemistry

Wednesday 28 March 2018 4:40pm

Congratulations to Professor Kurt Krause and Dr Peter Mace for their recently awarded research grants.

Electron micrograph of smallpox virus particles.

The Health Research Council has awarded Professor Krause a $150,000 Explorer Grant to investigate whether proteins made by the smallpox virus could help to treat inflammatory disease in humans. These immune-modulating proteins reduce the body’s inflammatory response to infection. Professor Krause anticipates that understanding how the proteins do this could lead to a transformational anti-inflammatory treatment.

Above: electron micrograph of smallpox virus particles. CDC / Dr. Fred Murphy; Sylvia Whitfield (Public domain) / Wikimedia Commons. Below: an Affinity ITC from TA Instruments.

The Affinity ITC instrument for measuring binding between molecules.Dr Mace has received a Lottery Health research grant of $120,000 to purchase an instrument for measuring how tightly one molecule binds to another. The Affinity ITC from TA Instruments will be available to support research across the university into a variety of health-related biological systems, including infectious disease, cancer, and inflammatory conditions.