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Biochemistry is a laboratory-based subject that uses chemical knowledge and techniques to understand and solve biological problems.

Over the past century, biochemists have made many important scientific breakthroughs that have had a big impact on many areas of science, including medicine, agriculture, and the environment.

By studying biochemistry, you will learn about the chemical processes and reactions within living organisms. You will also learn about the latest scientific discoveries, and eventually be able to contribute to the exciting new advances still to come.

Since biochemistry underpins many of the other life sciences, it allows you to specialise in a range of different subjects at a later date. This flexibility allows you to keep your career options open.

BIOC 192: Foundations of Biochemistry

The very first biochemistry paper you will enrol for is BIOC 192: Foundations of Biochemistry. This is a second semester paper with one prerequisite: CHEM 191 (CHEM 112).

Thinking of taking biochemistry at Otago?

This video explains what biochemistry is, where a degree in biochemistry can take you, and introduces you to studying biochemistry at Otago.

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