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Our people


Prof Anthony Butler (Christchurch campus)

Anthony Butler

Ph +64 (0) 3 378 6359 x86359
Mob +61 (0) 210 272 0806

Prof Anthony Butler is the Director of the Christchurch Bioengineering campus. He has strong record in scientific team leadership having played a key role in the development of the MARS CT research group. In 2010 he founded UOC’s Centre for Bioengineering (UOC) which has grown to have 4 full time permanent staff and 9 PhD students.

Dr Azam Ali (Dunedin campus)

PhD (Polymer and Biomaterials Sci. & Eng.)Azam Ali
Tel +64 3 479 7456
Mob +64 211397912

Dr. Azam Ali is a senior lecturer and director for bioengineering academic program in the Centre for Materials Science and Technology (CMAST), Division of Sciences, University of Otago, Dunedin.
Azam specialises in biomaterials science and bioengineering. He is an internationally recognised biomaterials expert who has published over 75 peer-reviewed publications (including book chapters, proceedings), holds 18 international patents and invented a number of medical devices which are currently commercialised in worldwide.
In addition of his science expertise, he has strong track record in leadership including projects, team/people and clients managements.

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Lead researchers

Full and part-time staff 

Molecular Imaging

  • Prof Anthony Butler (University of Otago, Project leader)
  • Prof Phil Butler (Canterbury University, Project leader)
  • Assoc Prof Nigel Anderson (University of Otago)
  • Assoc Prof Steven Gieseg (University of Canterbury)
  • Assoc Prof Tim Woodfield (University of Otago)
  • Dr Steven Bell (Mars Bioimaging Ltd)
  • Dr Nanette Schleich (Radiation Therapy, UO)
  • Dr Khaled Gerish (University of Otago)
  • Prof Phil Bones (University of Canterbury)
  • Dr Peter Renaud (University of Canterbury)
  • Dr Christoph Bartneck (University of Canterbury)
  • Dr Juan Canales (University of Canterbury)
  • Dr David krofcheck (University of Auckland)
  • Dr Geoff Rodgers (University of Otago, postdoc)
  • Dr Mike Walsh (MBI, postdoc)
  • Dr Aamir Raja (University of Otago, postdoc)
  • Dr Niels de Ruiter (University of Otago, postdoc)
  • Dr Raj Panta (University of Otago, postdoc)
  • Dr Alex Chernoglazov (MBI, postdoc)

Engineered Therapeutics

Regenerative Medicine

  • Assoc Prof Tim Woodfield (University of Otago, UOC)
  • Dr Karsten Schrobback (University of Otago, Postdoc Fellow, UOC)
  • Prof Gary Hooper (Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery, UOC)
  • Dr Jeremy Simcock (Dept of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, UOC)
  • Prof Margreet Vissers (Dept of Pathology, UOC)
  • Dr George Dias (Dept of Anatomy, UO)
  • Dr Khaled Greish (Dept of Pathology & Toxicology, UO)
  • Assoc Prof Maan Alkaisi (Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, UC)
  • Dr Volker Nock (Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, UC)
  • Dr Geoff Rodgers (Dept of Mechanical Engineering, UC)
  • Prof Jillian Cornish (Dept of Medicine, UA)
  • Dr David Musson (Dept of Medicine, UA)
  • Dr Justin Fernandez (Auckland Bioengineering Institute, UA)
  • Prof Dietmar Hutmacher (Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, Queensland University of Technology)
  • Prof Paul Dalton (Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, Queensland University of Technology)
  • Dr Khoon Lim (University of Otago, Research Fellow)
  • Dr Leigh Elmers (University of Otago, Research Fellow)
  • Dr Isha Mutreja (University of Otago, postdoc)
  • Seamus Tredinnick (University of Otago, ARF)

Materials (University of Otago)


Medical computing

  • Richard Floyd (University of Otago , CDHB, Project Leader)
  • Anthony Butler (University of Otago, Scientific Lead)
  • Saxon Connor (CDHB, Clinical Lead)
  • Lynn Davies (CDHB)


Molecular Imaging

  • Mr Peter Hilton (University of Otago, Christchurch)
  • Ms Sam Gurney (University of Otago, Christchurch)