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Imaging students

A large number of postgraduate students have achieved their qualifications working alongside imaging researchers at the Centre for Bioengineering and Nanomedicine.

Student list

  • Sikiru Adebileje (Radiology, UO, PhD)Aysouda Matanaghi (Radiology, UO, PhD)
  • Fatemeh Ashgariomobad (Radiology, UO, PhD)
  • Dr Marzieh Anjomrouz (Radiology, UO, PhD awarded August 2017)
  • Dr Ali Atharifard (Radiology, UO, PhD awarded December 2017)
  • Dr Chris Bateman (Radiology, UO, PhD awarded August 2015)
  • Srinidhi Bheesette (Radiology, UO, PhD)
  • Chaire Chambers (Medical Physics, UC, MSc)
  • Dr Alex Chernoglazov (Radiology, UC, PhD submitted 2016)
  • Shishir Dahal (Radiology UO PhD)
  • Tara Dalefiedl (Physics, UC, MSc)
  • Dr Robert Doesburg (Physics, UC, PhD completed December 2012)
  • Dr Niels de Ruiter (Radiology, UO, PhD awarded June 2015)
  • Niome Ganet (MARS, School of applied physics and engineering, Grenoble INP, Fr, MSc)
  • Ian Glass (Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC, BE(Hons))
  • Sahina Haq (Psychology, UC, PhD)
  • Joe Healy (Biological Sciences, UC, PhD)
  • Tejraj Janmale (Biological Sciences, UC, PhD, submitted December 2013)
  • Praveenkumar Kanithi (HITLabNZ, UC, PhD)
  • Daniel (Kwang Hyuk) Kim (Medical Physics, UC, MSc completed February 2013)
  • David Knight (Physics, UC, MSc submitted 2015)
  • Chiara Lowe (Radiology, UO, PhD)
  • Grey Lu (Physics and Astronomy, UC, MSc submitted February 2016)
  • Amber Malpas (Physics, UC, PHYS480)
  • Dr Harish Mandalika (HITLab NZ, UC, PhD submitted 2015)
  • Emmauel Marfo (Radiology, UO, PhD)
  • Aysouda Matanaghi (Radiology, UO, PhD)
  • Jamie McMahon (Physics, UC, PHYS480)
  • Mahdieh Moghiseh (Radiology, UO, PhD)
  • Syen Nik (Medical Physics, UC, PhD completed June 2013
  • Alex Opie (Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC, PhD, submitted August 2013)
  • Ana Ortega (visiting student from Spain)
  • Dr Raj Panta (Bioengineering, UO, PhD awarded August 2015)
  • Hannah Prebble (Biological Sciences, UC, Phd)
  • Dr Aamir Raja (Medical Physics, UC, PhD completed August 2013)
  • Dr Kishore Rajendran (Radiology, UO, PhD awarded exceptional March 2016)
  • Mohsen Ramyar (Radiology, UO, PhD)
  • Dr Paul Ronaldson (Radiology, UO, PhD completed July 2012)
  • Malte Schmidt (Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, Germany, BSc)
  • Emily Searle (Physics, UC, MSc)
  • Dr Anas Sedayo (Physics Medical, UC, PhD completed November 2012)
  • Dr Muhammad Shamshad (Radiology, UO, PhD awarded May 2017)
  • Jereena Sheeja (Radiology, UO, PhD)
  • Nate Tang (Medical Physics, UC, MSc completed March 2013)
  • Rayhan Uddin (Physics and Astronomy, UC, PhD)
  • Lieza Vanden Brooke (Physics and Astronomy, UC, PhD)
  • Maya Vivek (Radiology, UO, PhD)
  • Dr Mike Walsh (Bioengineering, UO, PhD submitted December 2013)
  • Dr Rafidah Zainon (Medical Physics, UC, PhD completed October 2012)
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PhD theses 

Marzieh Anjomrouz (UO)
Effect of x-ray source parameters on image quality for MARS (2017)

Ali Atharifard (UO)
Characterisation of X-ray detectors for MARS spectral CT technology (2017)

Chris Bateman (UO)
Methods for Material Discrimination in MARS Spectral Computed Tomography (2015)

Alexander Chernoglazov (UC)
Tools for Visualising MARS Spectral CT Datasets (2016)

Robert Doesburg (UC)
The MARS Photon Processing Cameras for Spectral CT (2012) 

Mahdieh Moghiseh
Optimization of Spectral CT for Novel Applications of Nano-Particles (2018)

Syen Nik (UC)
Optimising the benefits of spectral x-ray imaging in material decomposition (2013)

Alex M T Opie (UC)
Contributions to spectral CT (2013)

Raj Panta (UO)
Toward human MARS scanning: improving spectral performance for soft tissue imaging (2015)

Aamir Younis Raja (UC)
Using MARS Spectral CT for Identifying Biomedical Nanoparticles (2013)

Kishore Rajendran (UO)
MARS spectral CT technology for orthopaedic applications (2016)

Paul J Ronaldson (UOC)
Quantitative soft-tissue imaging by spectral CT with Medipix3 (2012)

Niels de Ruiter (UO)
Algorithms to process data from the MARS molecular imaging system (2015)

Anas Sedayo (UC)
Clinical applications of the Medipix detector (2012)

Muhammad Shamshad (UO)
Response of CZT, CdTe, and GaAs to high flux x-ray beams for molecular imaging (2017)

Michael Francis Walsh (UO)
Spectral Computed Tomography Development (2014)

Rafidah Zainon (UC)
Spectral Micro-CT Imaging of Ex Vivo Atherosclerotic Plaque (2012)

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MSc theses

Lieza Vanden Brooke (UC)
Foil fluorescence in MARS spectral imaging (2015)

Jochen Butzer (UC)
MARS-CT: Biomedical Spectral X-ray Imaging with Medipix 

Daniel Kim (UC)
Small animal irradiation using the MARS Spectral CT 

David Knight (UC)
Algorithms for MARS spectral CT (2015)

Gray Lu MSc (UC)
Dosimetry for MARS (2016)

Niels de Ruiter (UC)
GPU Accelerated Intermixing as a Framework for Interactively Visualizing Spectral CT Data 

Emily Searle
Quantitative imaging of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque using MARS Spectral CT (2018)

Nate Dikai Tang (UC)
MARS Spectral CT: Image quality performance parameters using the Medipix3.0 detector

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