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Animal welfare to designer babies: Bioethics Centre researchers interviewed on RNZ

Thursday, 21 January 2016

This month, RNZ National has interviewed researchers from the Bioethics Centre on topics ranging from animal welfare to designer babies. Links to the stories and audio files are below:

What is a disease?

3 January 2016

How useful is it to label some types of behaviour as diseases? Senior Lecturer at the Bioethics Centre, Dr Neil Pickering, looks at when a disease is not really a disease.

What is a disease? (MP3 audio)
What is a disease? (RNZ website)

Animal welfare

9 January 2016

From the Saudi lamb deaths to beaten bobby calves and puppy mills, animal welfare has been in the news a lot. Dr Mike King from the Bioethics Centre, and Associate Professor Andrew Moore from the Department of Philosophy, discuss whether to experiment on animals, how best to treat them, whether to eat them, and which of them (if any) it is ethically okay to have as pets.

Animal welfare (MP3 audio)
Animal welfare (RNZ website)

Designer babies

11 January 2016

Should parents be able to determine their baby's gender? Or choose its genetic makeup so it can be a donor for another child? Lynn Freeman spoke to Dr Jeanne Snelling and the Director of the Bioethics Centre, Professor John McMillan.

Designer babies (MP3 audio)
Designer babies (RNZ website)

At what age can you decide your medical treatment?

17 January 2016

When is a young person old enough to determine their medical treatment, including refusing help that could extend their lives?

For the medical profession these are some of the hardest ethical decisions because they involve balancing the wishes of an informed and unwell adolescent against the possibility that they might be foregoing their best or only chance at having a future.

An interview with Professor John McMillan, Director of the Bioethics Centre, and Janine Winters, Affiliate of the Bioethics Centre.

At what age can you decide your medical treatment? (MP3 audio)
At what age can you decide your medical treatment? (RNZ website)