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Study Biochemistry

The molecular basis of life

Biochemistry at Otago is about understanding how cells are constructed, how they function and communicate with each other, and how this, together with the genetic information inside each cell, allows cells to self assemble to make you!

Biochemistry is about exploring how bacteria, insects, plants, and animals work at the molecular level. It is about using this knowledge to understand disease and to find ways to improve human health. Biochemistry is discovering what life is really about.

What does a degree in Biochemistry involve?

Studying Biochemistry will provide you with a detailed understanding of the structure, function and development of all life. Regardless of what type of biology you are interested in, a degree in Biochemistry at Otago will provide you with valuable knowledge about all forms of life.

Biochemistry is an experimental science, and students can expect to be gain important practical skills during hands-on labs sessions throughout their undergraduate study. These skills will assist in setting you up in a career as a biochemist, or they can help prepare you for postgraduate study.

Where can a career in Biochemistry take you?

Graduates with a degree in Biochemistry have a wide range of career possibilities ahead of them. Some of our recent graduates have gone on to work in bioinformatics, public health, science policy, forensics, and product development to name a few.

Undergraduate study in Biochemistry

The School of Biomedical Sciences provides students who are interested in molecular science the opportunity to major in Biochemistry as an undergraduate student to gain a Bachelor of Science (BSc) majoring in Biochemistry.

Biochemistry can also be taken as a minor subject in a selection of different degrees at the University of Otago.

Further information

The Department of Biochemistry website has detailed information about studying Biochemistry at Otago.

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