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Study Physiology

The living science

Physiology at Otago is about discovering how our heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, and other organs work together to allow us to live and adapt in an ever changing environment.

Knowing more about ourselves drives our understanding of diseases, and leads to the development of more effective treatments.

Although much has been learned, the fantastic complexity of our body systems means that many mysteries still remain. Solving these mysteries is the challenge of the physiologist.

What does a degree in Physiology involve?

During your degree, you'll learn about blood circulation, lungs and breathing, the heart and brain, and many other aspects of human biology. As you reach your later years, you'll learn about the healthy body, as well as the changes that occur when diseases are present.

After studying physiology at Otago, you will come away with a high-level understanding of how the body works, and why it sometimes fails to work properly.

Teaching will involve lectures from well-respected experts, as well as lab sessions where students will engage in hands-on, practical sessions.

Where can a career in Physiology take you?

Graduates with a degree in Physiology have a wide range of career possibilities ahead of them. Some of our recent graduates have gone on to work as laboratory research technicians, for medical technology companies, with market pharmaceuticals for drug companies and even as an advisor on TV and movie productions.

Undergraduate study in Physiology

The School of Biomedical Sciences allows students who are interested in human biology the opportunity to major in Physiology as an undergraduate student in a Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Students are also able to take Human Body Systems as a major subject in a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (BBiomedSc) degree.

Physiology can also be taken as a minor subject in a selection of different undergraduate degrees at the University of Otago.

Further information

The Department of Physiology website has more detailed information about studying Physiology at Otago.

Please get in touch with the Department if you have any questions:

Tel 64 3 479 7313