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Botanical Society of Otago Trip guidelines for participants

  • The Trip Programme may be subject to alteration. On a wet Saturday the trip may be postponed until Sunday. If in doubt, check with the Trip Leader.
  • Adequate food, drink, outdoor clothing, footwear and gear for all weather conditions must be taken.
  • A daypack, hand lens and botanical field guides are recommended.
  • You are responsible for your own first aid kit. Those with allergies or medical conditions are asked to carry their own antihistamines and medications, and to make the trip leader aware of any problems and how to deal with them.
  • Individuals are responsible for keeping with the party. If you have any doubts about your ability to do this, you must check the trip conditions with the trip leader, who reserves the right to restrict attendance.
  • Transport on trips is by car pool. Costs are currently 10c/km/passenger, to be paid to the driver. If you change cars mid-trip, leave a written note for your driver.
  • Drivers, please ensure you know where you are going, and who is in your car.
  • Zero the odometer at the start, agree on a return time.
  • Account for all your passengers before you come back.
  • Collect contributions towards transport costs.

BSO Guidelines for Trip leaders

  • Check access with landowners
  • Obtain plant lists if available and collecting permits if needed.
  • Check weather reports.
  • Carry compass, map and party first aid kit.
  • A whistle and a cell phone could be handy for emergencies.
  • Keep the following vehicles in sight if travelling in convoy.
  • List all participants and their contact numbers and leave in the lead vehicle.
  • Keep the group informed and suggest appropriate lunch stop and return times.
  • Please arrange for someone to write a trip report, and a plant list, if appropriate, for the Newsletter.