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Print and Copy Changes

Changes to the copy process

As part of the changes to the print management the copier located in the mail room will require a user code is entered before photocopying is possible.

Printing and scanning to email are unaffected by these changes and will work without entering a code.

When you visit the copier, you will see the lock screen below.

To unlock the copier function, use the keypad to enter the last 4 digits of your staff ID number. Your ID number is located below the university crest on your staff ID card.

When you have finished copying, press the Interrupt button on the keypad.

Changes to the print process

Please note, the information below may change at anytime and is currently incomplete.

After an extended trial period, the department is now able to roll out our new print management system. The product we have selected is called PaperCut, and is used by a number of other departments on campus. It’s great tool, that requires very little effort to use.

Overview of the new print process

Very little will change to the way we print, other than a couple of extra steps to the print process.

From the application you wish to print from, follow the usual steps to initiate a print job. Immediately after pressing print, the PaperCut application will open, asking you to allocate the print job to an account. Highlight an account from the list, and press print. At that point, your document will begin printing.

Access to accounts is determined by your research accounts and the courses you teach into. You won’t need to scroll through a large list of accounts each time you want to print something. In most cases, you can continue to allocate the costs to the department code (D).

The setup/install process

To enable printing, each computer will need the PaperCut client installed. Hadley will organise a time with each of you, where he will setup the PaperCut application and run through the applications use. If you have any questions about how the system works, please let him know.

For those of you who do not wish to install the PaperCut software on your computer, there are some alternative options available to allow printing. They still use the PaperCut system, but do not require the installation of the software. Hadley can discuss the issues when he comes by to set up the system.

Personal Printing

Everyone will receive a personal print balance, what will be toped up each year. The initial personal print balance will be $10, but can be increased by talking with the Kath McGilbert or Michelle McKinlay

Why move to a managed print system?

It’s difficult to know how much toner and paper is used by each course. Print tracking would allow us to better understand how much printing is required for each course and will help a lot with budgeting.

Another positive of the new system, is that each of us will have improved oversight of how much we’re printing, and can clearly see how much our printing costs.

Print charges and allocation

All printing will be charged at the same rate across the department. General department printing will be allocated to the department, so things like Purchase Card statements, and small work related print runs will be charged to the department. Printing related to teaching should be charged to the paper code, and printing related to projects should be allocated to individual research accounts.

General printing charges

A4, black and white, single sided – 0.05 cents per copy.
A4, black and white, double sided – 0.05 cents per copy.
A4, colour, single sided – 0.10 cents per copy.
A4, colour, double sided – 0.10 cents per copy.

Personal printing charges

Changes to to be confirmed.