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Archives - Seminars - 2013

2013 seminar period over

There are no scheduled seminars for the reminder of 2013. 

Please check the Otago events calendar for any public lectures that may interest you.

October 2013

Next generation sequencing applications for Botanists – Why, how and how much?

Dr Rebecca Laurie
New Zealand Genomics Limited
9th October

Theories and tests in community ecology

Professor Bastow Wilson
2nd October

September 2013

Seeing past the whiteout: new research on flower traits and pollinator behaviour in the New Zealand alpine

Dr Janice Lord
Department of Botany

Changes in eastern South Island indigenous grasslands: ancient, recent, small-scale and large

Dr Susan Walker
Landcare Research
18th September

To Be Announced

David Cook, Nick Secker
Department of Botany
11th September

Pulsed electric field treatments enhance the release of bioactive phytochemicals from staccato cherries (Prunus avium).

Nusya Cham Pi
4th September

What makes flightless fungi flightless?

Cecilia Wang
4th September

What the fungus? A comparison of DNA barcoding and morphology in identifying fungi

Chris Jenks
4th September

12th Annual Geoff Baylis Lecture

Plant systematics research and its relevance to understanding the origins and evolution of the New Zealand flora

Peter Heenan, Landcare Research Lincoln.

Botanic Society of Otago in conjunction with the Department of Botany.

More information on the 2013 Baylis Lecture can be found on the poster poster. 4th September, 6pm
Castle 1 Lecture Theater

August 2013

Mid semester break – No seminar
28th August

Crouching mycologist – hidden fungi, intriguing interactions 

Dr Teresa Label
Landcare Research
21st August

Discovering how plants know when to flower

Dr Richard Macknight
Department of Biochemistry
14th August

May 2013

Burning tussock grassland: effects on Amphipoda

Janine Wing MSc candidate
Postgraduate Presentation
1st May

Ecology of Alpine Cushion Plants in Chile and New Zealand

Associate Professor Catherine Kleier, Visiting Fulbright Scholar
Regis University, Denver, Colorado USA
Wednesday 8 May 2013 12 noon

Dynamics of terrestrial subarctic ecosystems under extensive climate change

Professeur Stéphane Boudreau, Chaire de recherche nordique en écologie des perturbations.
Département de biologie et Centre d'études Nordiques Université Laval Canada
22 May

April 2013

Postgraduate Presentations

Digging for diazotrophs: uncovering the diversity and role of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in New Zealand grasslands

Jocelyn Chua PhD Candidate
17 April

Alfalfa mosaic virus invades New Zealand: where, how many times?

Aiko Lignon, MSc Candidate.
17 April

March 2013

Snowfields, Plant Functional Traits, and GLORIA

Associate Professor Martha Apple
Department of Biological Sciences, Montana Tech, University of Montana, Butte, Montana.
Wednesday 13 March 2013 12 noon

Are GM Plants Really a Threat to a Clean Green Image?

Associate Professor John Knight,
Department of Marketing University of Otago.
Wednesday 13 March 2013 12 noon

Particular Challenges Facing International Postgraduate Students

Brian Johnston, Personal Performance & Development Coach.
Graduate Research School, Otago
20th March

February 2013


Brian Johnston, Personal Performance & Development Coach
Graduate Research School, Otago.
27th February