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BIOL123 Plants: How They Shape the World

Teaching staff

Professor David Orlovich, Associate Professor Tina Summerfield, Associate Professor Janice Lord, Associate Professor David Burritt, Dr Matt Larcombe, and guest lecturers.

Course description

sml_GWPimg_2349-Tina_and_student_glasshouseLearn how plants made the world you live in and how we can use them to secure our future.

In this paper we learn about the past, present and future role of plants for planet Earth and human welfare. You will gain familiarity with the major plant groups; gain an overview of plant form and function; be able to apply skills in observation, interpretation and communication, and appreciate the excitement and potential for cutting-edge research in Plant Sciences.

The content of the paper covers: Evolution of plant diversity; Energy metabolism; Plant growth and development; Marine flora: evolution and function; Plant life on land; Flowering plants; Plants and the changing environment.

sml_GWPimg_2366_steve_and_studentsThis content is explored in a series of lectures and laboratories. The laboratory sessions vary from small laboratory experiments to a mini-project which spreads over several lab sessions. The mini-project provides opportunity to not only learn about how the diversity of plants impacts of ecosystem services, but provides insight into the scientific knowledge generation process in particular how theoretical and empirical work together drive scientific advances.

Additional course information

More BIOL123 course and timetable information is available on the Courses and Subjects website.