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BTNY301: Plant Ecology

Teaching Staff

Professor Kath Dickinson, Associate Professor Janice Lord and Associate Professor Linn Hoffmann


Section I (9 lectures) - Terrestrial systems ecology & Marine systems ecology
Section II (4 lectures) - Life history ecology
Section III - Habitat systems ecology

Landmark Literature Seminars

In four seminar sessions we will discuss fundamental papers that have shaped the development of the science of plant ecology.

Practical Exercises

Practical exercises will relate to the three Lecture Sessions. Those relating to Session I will focus on marine systems ecology using microcosms and dynamic modelling of these microcosms to explore feedback controls of ecosystem dynamics.

Terrestrial ecology exercises relating to Sessions II and III will explore habitats from various ecological perspectives relating these to plant traits, plant structure, plant composition and community assembly.


Project Course Percentage
Seminar exercises 20%
Laboratory exercises 30%
Final Examination 50%

Course Downloads

Download a copy of the course information sheet as a PDF.

Additional Course Information

More BTNY301 course and timetable information is available on the Courses and Subjects website.