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Cherie McConville

Cherie McConville
Cherie McConville

I have been fortunate to have been involved with the Business School for a number of years so know the staff reputation, knowledge and experience.  I trust them to guide me in my doctoral journey.  Essentially to have the backing of the UoO in the exploration of a business idea.

I choose the doctorate because it allows me to undertake academic study with a practical business focus. In my case, it allows me to explore a business idea through an evidenced-based approach and a practical outcome at the end, i.e. not only an academic thesis but the development of a business case. I am enjoying all facets of the programme – the first year focused my thinking and reading of the topic, whilst looking through lenses I wouldn’t have thought of looking through. 

My qualification will take me anywhere I want it to. The gift it gives is the self-belief that I can do anything I choose. What originally seemed like a whacky idea is now becoming more of a reality because of the research.  

My expectations about studying at Otago have been meet beyond belief! I wanted an adventure and I have certainly achieved that and more. An adventure due to personal growth and development, I studied the concept of adventure, with a view to starting an adventure business, and I experienced adventure as part of my data collection. I got to travel across NZ and internationally to look at successful businesses and participated in all sorts of wonderful activities. 

Highlights have been connecting with the many awesome people here at the University of Otago – the staff, fellow students and those who have contributed to the research. I have made so many friends and formed the foundations of lifelong friendships. The knowledge gained about the research topic, the personal growth and development.  The challenges of study and juggling it with family and work life has been immensely insightful and rewarding. The fun, laughter, support and humility of fellow students.

If you are thinking of studying at Otago, the famous Turkish Poet, Rumi said … “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”  Essentially, don’t wait till you have a fully formed idea, just get on with starting.  Just do it, start.  

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