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BCom - Graduate Attributes

He takata i ākona i tēnei whare, te tūraka ki te marae tau ana.
The person that is taught in this house stands well on any marae.

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) programme at the Otago Business School develops business graduates who understand their responsibilities as global and New Zealand citizens; and as leaders towards economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability and well-being.

Otago BCom Graduates will be able to demonstrate:

LG1. Research

The ability to think logically and critically and to use advanced problem-solving skills to make well-reasoned decisions.
[critical thinking, information literacy, research]

  • LO 1.1 Information Literacy
    Ability to apply specific skills in acquiring, organising, analysing, evaluating and presenting information, in particular recognising the increasing prominence of digital-based activity
  • LO1.2 Critical Thinking
    Ability to analyse issues logically, to challenge conventional assumptions, to consider different options and viewpoints, make informed decisions and act with flexibility, adaptability and creativity

LG2. Scholarship

An understanding of the nature of business through advanced knowledge in at least one major subject area; and the ability to integrate and use their knowledge to make informed business decisions.
[scholarship, interdisciplinary perspective]

  • LO 2.1Specialist Business Knowledge
    Commitment to the fundamental importance of the acquisition and development of knowledge and understanding in at least one major subject area.
  • LO2.2 Integrated Business Knowledge
    Commitment to intellectual openness and curiosity, and the awareness of the limits of current knowledge and of the links amongst business disciplines

LG3. Communication

The ability to communicate effectively within a range of contexts.

  • LO3.1 Written Communication
    Ability to effectively communicate information, arguments and analyses in writing
  • LO3.2 Oral Communication
    Ability to effectively communicate information, arguments and analyses orally

LG4. Leadership

Leadership while working constructively, cooperatively, effectively, and respectfully with others.
[teamwork, lifelong learning, self-motivation]

  1. LO 4.1Personal Development
    Exhibit qualities associated with leadership such as accountability, integrity, respect, self-reflection
  2. LO4.2 Teamwork
    Ability to work constructively, cooperatively, effectively and respectfully as part of a team
  3. LO 4.3 Independent Learning
    Demonstrate the ability to acquire new knowledge and new skills, the capacity for self-directed activity and the ability to work independently

LG5. Ethical Responsibility

An awareness of the ethical consequences of business decisions.
[ethics, environmental literacy]

  • LO5.1 Ethics
    Knowledge of ethics and ethical standards and an ability to apply these with a sense of responsibility within the workplace and community
  • LO5.2 Environmental and Social Literacy
    Understand the principles that govern natural and social systems, and the effects of human activity on these systems

LG6. Global and multicultural perspective

Respect for diversity and have an appreciation of the cultural, legal, social and environmental factors that affect, and are affected by, business operations.
[global perspective, cultural understanding]

  • LO6.1 Cultural Awareness
    Knowledge and appreciation of biculturalism within the framework of the Treaty of Waitangi; knowledge and appreciation of multiculturalism; and an ability to apply such knowledge in a culturally appropriate manner.
  • LO6.2 Global Perspective
    Appreciation of global perspectives in the chosen discipline(s) within business and the nature of global citizenship

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