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Match your skills and experience

Make it easy for a prospective employer by clearly outlining how you will be an asset to the company. The purpose of a CV is to persuade the employer that you should be interviewed for the position. Your CV must show that you have the qualities the employer is looking for.

The right person for the job

Your first position is likely to ask for new skills and abilities – not so easy if you haven’t done a similar job in the past! The secret is to look for things you have done, which called for the same ‘qualities’ as the job you are applying for.

Four steps to matching your skills and experience to the job

1. Find out what the job involves:

  • Read the job description if this is available. Otherwise find a job description for a similar position by searching online job databases such as Trademe.
  • Read any brochures or reports which the employer has produced/provided
  • Read any general information about the type of work you will have to do
  • Talk to people who are doing similar work

2. Think about the job:

  • What tasks would the daily routine involve?
  • What skills would the job call for?
  • What type of personality would suit the job?

3. Think about yourself:

  • Do you have the skills the job calls for?
  • Do you have the right sort of temperament or personality?

4. Be clear about the match:

  • Accentuate the skills, qualities and abilities you have which are necessary for the position

Increase your chances of getting an interview

Find out how to target your CV to a specific job.

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