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Academic support at Carrington

5 students studying outdoorsCarrington College provides a comprehensive and highly-regarded in-house academic support programme to help you navigate the challenges of tertiary education.

Learning Labs

Learning Labs are interactive, tutorial-like sessions which are offered for a comprehensive range of 100-level (first-year) papers. These learning labs aim to hone academic skills and provide an opportunity to improve your understanding of course material through complementing and extending the formal classes held at the University.

Our learning labs are held by our Learning Lab Mentors. These individuals are all ex-Carrington residents who performed strongly in the paper they are mentoring and are now completing further education in a relevant area. They are carefully selected and receive formal training to ensure they are delivering high-quality academic support.

Korowai (College Fellows)

The College is extremely lucky to have a strong network of academics and professionals, referred to as the Carrington Korowai, that play a significant role in the academic support of our students.

Each flouse (a term describing a house or floor) is strategically paired with a Korowai and meet together throughout the year. They impart advice about how to approach your first-year at University, provide insight about where your degree can lead, help students find solutions to challenges, and, perhaps most importantly, break the barriers between staff and students at the University. In addition to meeting with the group, our Korowai encourage students to arrange one-on-one meetings if they require further academic advice and have a presence at the College.

The term Korowai is inspired by Te Korowai o Tane, a very special carving that sits in the heart of the College. Korowai translates to cloak in English, and is symbolic of our students being under the “cloak” of these people.

House Tutors

The College has an Academic House Tutor that is a key go-to person regarding academic support. In consultation with Senior Management, they provide a range of targeted initiatives to aid students in their studies. These initiatives include:

  • Academic Chat Desk: Held regularly, these are drop-in sessions where students can bring any questions related to study techniques, approaching assessments, or University in general.
  • Academic Seminars: Provide sessions about subjects such as note-taking, exam preparation, multiple choice questions, time management, and use of technology in tertiary education.
  • Resources: Based on student feedback, the Academic House Tutors create a range of resources that aim to address common student issues at specific times of the year.
  • Contact for Advice and Support: The Academic House Tutors are available to meet with residents with any academic issues, they just need to be contacted!

All ten of the House Tutors provide informal academic mentoring throughout the course of the year. They are all students themselves and have experience studying in the tertiary environment.

Being a member of an academic community

Past residents often reflect that their peers at Carrington are perhaps the best academic support offered. Through living with like-minded people who study similar subjects as you, studying with peers, asking for advice and support with a particular subject, and sharing your own knowledge is a part of living at Carrington. The College has a range of study facilities that can be used for collaborative study, and this community allows students to meet students completing the same degree and develop strong friendships.

Other academic support initiatives

Some of the other ways that we support our students academically include:

  • Study Facilities: The College has a variety of well-maintained study areas at the College. Find out more about or study facilities. 
  • Guest speakers: The College organises people from a range of areas at the University to talk to our students. This includes students and staff from various professional programmes for our Health Science First Year students.
  • Tracking success: In order to provide personalized support to students, it is a condition of residence that the student authorizes the release of academic results to the College. This enables us to recognize those who have achieved well in their exams, and provide extra support to those who are under performing.
  • Connecting with the University: The College has direct communication with academic and student support divisions at the University and can refer residents to these services when necessary.

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