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Scoping a multi-agency Alpine Fault initiative: first steps

Thursday 24 March 2016 10:36am

Principal Investigator: Dr Caroline Orchiston

Advisory Team: Dr. Tom Wilson, University of Canterbury,  Dr. Rob Langridge, GNS Science, Prof. David Johnston, Joint Centre for Disaster Research/GNS Science

Project Summary

This project is the first steps in scoping the development of an initiative to bring together researchers, practitioners and policy makers with an interest in the Alpine Fault. Positive outcomes of a multi-agency approach include improved communication channels between stakeholders, co-production of research programmes, greater accessibility and awareness of research outputs, and enhanced societal resilience. To date, Alpine Fault research has been carried out within and across a range of research institutions, each with a greater or lesser degree of engagement with local policy-makers and practitioners in at-risk areas of the South Island. There is a pressing need to develop a clear structure to interface between the research and practitioner/policy communities of interest, to enhance relationships and improve communication networks. This initiative builds on others, including EC Lab, DEVORA and It’s our Fault, but will be designed and framed in the unique South Island setting. We propose to begin work investigating the current state of knowledge on the Alpine Fault, both from the academic and policy perspectives, to inform the development of a multi-agency organisation for the Alpine Fault. A gap analysis of current policy and research knowledge will be undertaken in order to identify and prioritise key themes requiring consideration by an Alpine Fault organisation in future.