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4th-year Hauora Māori vertical module at University of Otago, Christchurch

Convenor: Tania Huria

Overall Fourth Year Hauora Māori Learning Outcomes

Students at the end of 4th Year should be able to demonstrate ability to:

  • Describe the determinants of health disparities between Māori and non-Māori and describe approaches to addressing disparities.
  • Describe Māori Health Status and the health disparities that exist for Māori – both within a national and international context.
  • Identify evidence based skills when undertaking critical appraisal of epidemiology clinical research and qualitative research in Māori health
  • Demonstrate the principles of cultural safety, competency and literacy within the health environment.
  • Demonstrate appropriate engagement and interaction with Māori patients, whanau and the community
  • Identify the principles of Māori Beliefs Values and Experiences (MBVEs) and their application to Hauora Māori practices.
  • Identify and apply Hauora Māori models to clinical cases

Expectations of the 4th Year Students

In order to fulfil the 4th Year Hauora Māori learning requirements students are required to:

  • Participate in all Hauora Māori learning modules.
  • Satisfactorily complete the summative assessments set out in the handbook.
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional attitudes within Hauora Māori.

The 4th Year Hauora Māori Vertical Module comprises three types of learning environments:

The Hauora Māori vertical module comprises of the following learning environments:

  • Immersed Learning introduces you to the core Māori health knowledge which underpins the Hauora Māori vertical module in 4th Year training. It will occur during the “Module 1: Introduction to Hauora Māori Clinical Years” (part of the introductory fortnight at UOC). Attendance at this module is compulsory.
  • Integrated Learning places Hauora Māori content within the core attachments of your 4th year. For 2013 this will involve learning modules as outlined in the Hauora Māori timetable which will be available on Moodle. Attendance at all integrated learning modules is compulsory.
  • Self Directed Learning has been scheduled into the Hauora Māori timetable. These times are for students to complete the required components of the Hauora Mᾱori Long Case. There is an expectation within the Hauora Māori vertical module that you will use this time to complete the requirements of the course, including recommended readings.

The Hauora Māori PASAF will record the following

The Formative Assessment is where students are required to pass the assessment.  In the 4th Year Hauora Māori vertical module the formative assessment is:

  • Multiple Choice Question Assessment for HMILB1
  • Hauora Māori Logbook.  It is expected that 4th year students will compile a logbook of a mihimum of 8 patients

The Summative Assessment is where students are required to complete the assessment to a passting standard (60%).  The summative assessment within the Hauora Māori vertical module is measured by the level of achievement students attain in:

  • Multiple Choice Question Assessment which contributes to 25% of the final grade
  • Hauora Māori Long Case (HMLC) which contributes to 75% of the final grade

Professional Behaviours, assessed throughout the year and measured with regard to:

  • Willingness to engage with Hauora Māori content
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of its application to clinical practice
  • Motivation to contribute to Māori health gains
  • Attendance within both immersed and integrated learning sessions
  • Satisfactory completion of the summative assessment