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Trainee intern hauora Māori professional development at University of Otago, Christchurch

Overall Trainee Intern Year Hauora Māori Learning Outcomes

Students at the end of TI Year should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the principles of cultural safety, competency and literacy within the health environment
  • Demonstrate appropriate engagement and communication skills with Māori patients, whanau and the community
  • Identify the principles of Māori Beliefs Values and Experiences (MBVEs) and their application to Hauora Māori practices
  • Identify and apply Hauora Māori models to clinical cases

Expectations of Trainee Interns in the Hauora Māori Vertical Module

In order to fulfill the Trainee Intern Hauora Māori learning requirements students are required to:

  • Attend and Participate in the Immersed and Integrated Learning sessions
  • Satisfactorily complete the Māori Summative Assessments set out in the Handbook
  • Finally, demonstrate appropriate Professional Attitudes within the course

Learning Environments

The Hauora Māori Vertical Module comprises three types of learning environments:

  • Immersed Learning: The Friday afternoon TI teaching sessions are currently being reviewed. This may include a workshop on ‘Understanding how Rongoa Māori integrates with clinical practice’ (dates to be advised). Attendance at this is voluntary. Attendance will be reflected in the assessment of Professional Attitudes.
  • Integrated Learning places Hauora Māori content within attachments of your Trainee Intern year. For 2012/2013 this will involve Hauora Māori Case Discussion (HMCD) sessions in the Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Psychological Medicine attachments.
    Student attendance at all Hauora Māori Case Discussions is COMPULSORY and will be noted on your PASAF under the Professional Attitudes section
  • Independent Learning involves an expectation that you will prepare for the Hauora Mᾱori Case Discussions (HMCD) including additional reading related to the case as appropriate. You will also be required to complete the Hauora Māori Log Book throughout the year.

The Hauora Māori PASAF will record the following

The SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT within the Trainee Intern Hauora Māori Vertical Module is measured by the level of achievement students attain in the Hauora Māori Case Discussion (HMCD)

You will be allocated times within the following attachments for the Hauora Māori Vertical Module HMCD:

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Paediatrics
  • Psychological Medicine

It is expected that Trainee Interns will attend all three Integrated Learning sessions and that they will present one patient case discussion in two of the three sessions.

Students will receive feedback upon completion of these summative assessments. The overall results are also reported at the end of year in a PASAF format.

The FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT within the Trainee Intern Hauora Māori Vertical Module will require:

  • Completion of the Hauora Māori Logbook. It is expected that Trainee Interns will compile a log book of a minimum of 15 patients.

Students are required to complete the logbook in order to meet Terms in Hauora Māori. This will be recorded at the end of the year in PASAF format.

Students’ PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDES are assessed throughout the year and measured with regard to:

  • Willingness to engage with Hauora Māori content;
  • Understanding the importance of the application of Hauora Māori curriculum to clinical practice;
  • Motivation to contribute to Māori health gains;
  • Attendance within both Immersed and Integrated learning sessions.

An overall assessment of professional attitudes is reported at the end of year in a PASAF format.

Achievement of Distinction Criteria

Trainee Interns will be awarded with a Potential Distinction in Hauora Māori if they

  • Achieve a level of Distinction in 2x Hauora Māori Case Discussions (HMCD)
  • Excel in Professional Attitudes