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Laura Veenendaal (2018) Research Assistant

B.Sc (Twente), M.Sc Candidate (Twente)


Tel +64 3 378 6011

Research focus

Laura's work focuses on cell culture experiments and quantitative analysis of hydrogels for cartilage engineering and biofabrication, largely assisting the research of Associate Professor Tim Woodfield and Dr Gabriella Lindberg.

She recently completed a six-month internship in the CReaTE research group where she worked on a project using vitreous humour as a cell instructive biomaterial for tissue engineering applications. The international internship placement was her final assignment before completing her Master in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

An opportunity to stay in New Zealand for an additional six months means that Laura could join us as a Research Assistant.

Research interests

  • Tissue engineering
  • Biomaterial design
  • Biofabrication

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