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Postdoctoral FellowCaroline Murphy image

BEng Biomed Eng (UL), MSc Biomed Materials (UL), PhD 3D Printing (UL)

Tel +64 3 378 6011

Background and Research Interests

Caroline Murphy joined the Christchurch Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering (CReaTE) group after completing her PhD with the University of Limerick.

Caroline’s expertise lies in the field of 3D-biofabrication technologies for tissue engineering applications, and her interests include, tissue engineering/regenerative medicine, biomaterials and the development of hybrid scaffolds.

Through the use of multi material scaffolds she aims to achieve optimal biological and structural properties for cartilage and bone tissue engineering, in an effort to provide alternative treatments for patients and clinicians.


  • Best oral presentation, Health Research Symposium (Ireland) (2017)
  • Best poster presentation at Johnson & Johnson European Engineering Showcase (2017)
  • Awarded funding from the Irish Research Council (IRC) (2016)
  • Scholarship from the Department of Science and Engineering (UL) (2015)

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