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Sarah Heath (2019)PhD Candidate


Tel +64 3 364 1648

Research interests

Sarah Heath is undertaking molecular analysis of p16 amyloid formation.

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Bozonet, S. M., Magon, N. J., Schwartfeger, A. J., Konigstorfer, A., Heath, S. G., Vissers, M. C. M., … Göbl, C., … Hampton, M. B. (2023). Oxidation of caspase-8 by hypothiocyanous acid enables TNF-mediated necroptosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 104792. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1016/j.jbc.2023.104792

Morris, V. K., Heath, S. G., O'Connor, K. M., Bozonnet, S., Gray, S. G., Naughton, J. D., Magon, N. J., Smith, B. R., Botha, A. D., … Göbl, C. (2022, August). The tumour suppressor protein p16 forms amyloid structures. Verbal presentation at the Cancer Satellite Meeting: Queenstown Research Week, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Heath, S. G., Magon, N. J., Winterbourn, C. C., Hampton, M., Morris, V. K., & Göbl, C. (2021). Oxidation induced amyloid formation of the tumour suppressor protein p16. Proceedings of the 16th Congress of the Federation of Asian & Oceanic Biochemists & Molecular Biologists (FAOBMB). (pp. 33). Retrieved from

Crowther, J. M., Gilmour, L. H., Porebski, B. T., Heath, S. G., Pattinson, N. R., Owen, M. C., … Göbl, C., & Dobson, R. C. J. (2021). Molecular basis of a redox switch: Molecular dynamics simulations and surface plasmon resonance provide insight into reduced and oxidised angiotensinogen. Biochemical Journal, 478, 3319-3330. doi: 10.1042/bcj20210476

O'Connor, K. M., Konigstorfer, A., Zawari, M., Betz, A., Heath, S., Hildebrand, J. M., … Hampton, M. (2017, September). MLKL-dependent disruption of mitochondrial function and redox homeostasis during the initiation of TNF-mediated necroptosis. Verbal presentation at the Queenstown Molecular Biology (QMB) Meetings, Queenstown, New Zealand.