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New Books at the Canterbury Medical Library

Anesthesia unplugged

Canterbury Medical Library New Books 01by Christopher Gallagher. 2nd revised edition. 2012. Shelved in the Library at: WO 200A579

Suitable for anesthesiology residents, student registered nurse anesthetists, medical students with an interest in anesthesiology, and Intensive Care Unit personnel, this title delivers step-by-step instruction on the entire spectrum of perioperative, ambulatory, regional, and general procedures.

Differential diagnosis for physical therapists: screening for referral

Canterbury Medical Library New Books 02by Catherine Cavallaro Goodman, Teresa E. Kelly Snyder. 5th revised edition. 2013.
Shelved in the Library at: WB 460 G653

Written by a leading expert in the field, this text enables users to properly screen for medical disease to make an informed differential diagnosis. It intends to teach the Physical Therapist how to determine if the patient has a true neuromuscular or musculoskeletal problem and to determine the specific dysfunction or impairment.

Ferri’s clinical advisor 2013

Canterbury Medical Library New Books 03edited by Fred F. Ferri. 2013.  Shelved in the Library at: WB 102 F394

Provides access to diagnostic and therapeutic information on more than 700 common medical conditions. This title also provides guidance on vitamin-D deficiency, statin-induced muscle syndrome, postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and more.

Malalignment syndrome: diagnosis and treatment of common pelvic and back pain

Canterbury Medical Library New Books 04Wolf Schamberger. 2nd revised edition. 2012.  Shelved in the Library at: WE 720 S299

Lack of appreciation and knowledge of the malalignment syndrome often leads to a failure to notice the possible aetiological or predisposing factors contributing to many musculoskeletal problems. This title provides a detailed description of this syndrome and how it can be identified and treated.

Introduction to computers for healthcare professionals 

Canterbury Medical Library New Books 05Irene Joos, Ramona Nelson, Marjorie J. Smith. 5th revised edition.  Shelved in the Library at: W 26.55.C7 J81

This is an introductory computer literacy text for nurses and other healthcare students. It explains hardware, popular software programs, operating systems, and computer assisted communication. The 5th edition has been revised and now includes content on online storage, communication and online learning including info on PDA's, iPhones, IM, and other media formats, and another chapter on distance learning including video conferencing and streaming video.

Understanding patient safety 

Canterbury Medical Library New Books 06Robert M. Wachter. 2nd revised edition. 2012. Shelved in the Library at: W 84.1 W114

Suitable to those who are seeking to learn clinical, organizational, and systems issues of patient safety, this title delivers insights that help you understand and prevent a range of errors, including those related to surgery, diagnosis, infections, and nursing care. It provides a practical overview of how to organize an effective safety program.

People skills 

Canterbury Medical Library New Books 07Neil Thompson. 3rd revised edition. 2009.  Shelved in the Library at: HM 1106 T474

The new edition of this popular text offers a comprehensive introduction to the diverse field of people skills. Thoroughly updated, it boasts six new chapters with relevance to a wide range of occupations and environments. This book is an essential companion to all students, practitioners and managers across the helping professions.

Research skills for medical students  

Canterbury Medical Library New Books 08editor, Ann K. Allen. 2012.   Shelved in the Library at: W 20.5 R342

This book explains why and how you can improve your medical practice through using a variety of investigative skills.

Teaching made easy : a manual for health professionals   

Canterbury Medical Library New Books 09BKay Mohanna, Elizabeth Cottrell and David Wall. 3rd revised edition. Shelved in the Library at: W 18 T253

Refined and expanded edition of this key book, providing structure, support, guidance and tips for beginning and experienced teachers and their managers.

The essentials of biostatistics for physicians, nurses, and clinicians  

Canterbury Medical Library New Books 10Michael R. Chernick. 2011.  Shelved in the Library at: WA 950 C521 and also available as an ebook through the catalogue.

A fundamental and straightforward guide to using and understanding statistical concepts in medical research. It also serves as a suitable supplement for courses on biostatistics at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels.