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Interloans Canterbury Medical Library, Christchurch

The New Zealand inter-library loan network is changing and we have moved to a new system. On Tuesday 4th of December 2018, the Canterbury Medical Library in Christchurch went live with Tipasa, a new interloan product. The new interloans system will improve searching for books and journal articles not held by the Library, and better tracking on the progress of interloan requests.

If you have any questions about the new interloan system, please contact Interloan staff at the Canterbury Medical Library:


Who can use Interloans

The Interloans service is available to:

  • Current University of Otago, Christchurch (UOC) staff and students in support of their research, study and teaching
  • CDHB staff, who are current members of the Canterbury Medical Library, in support of their professional health information needs

All CDHB staff, who have previously used or are new to the Interloans Service, are advised to contact library staff directly at: or ring +64 3 364 0500 or ext 80500.

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Placing Interloan requests

To access the Interloans service, start by checking the library catalogue to make sure we do not hold what you need in the Library:

1. Search for the book, chapter or journal article you want

2. If you can’t find what you need scroll to the bottom on the results page and select Interloan


3. You will be directed through to WorldCat where you can search for the item you need

4. Click on the title of the item you need and select ‘Request an Interloan’


5. You will be directed through to the Canterbury Medical Library Interloan service where the details of the item along with your details will automatically populate the request form

  • Add any Comments to the request
  • For books, select the Pickup location. Distance students select the Home Delivery pickup location and we will post the book to you
  • Submit request

6. You may be prompted to log in:

University of Otago, Christchurch (UOC) staff and students: Use your assigned username and password (the same one you use for email / eVision).

CDHB staff – if you’ve previously used or are new to the Interloan Service: Please contact Canterbury Medical Library staff to check your library username and for further details about this charged service.

Note your CDHB username and password credentials will not work in this Interloans system, which is on the University not CDHB network.

7. If you have another item you want to request, go back to your Library Search tab and search for the next item

Trouble finding what you need?

You can fill in a blank Interloan request form by selecting Request an Interloan from the Library links dropdown menu

libraryLinks1-161 libraryLinks2-153

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UOC staff / students

  • All copies are free to UOC staff / students
  • All loans from NZ and Australia are free to UOC staff / students
  • Overseas loans (books not available in NZ or Australia) are $25. This can be charged to a UOC cost centre or paid personally. We will check with you first before sourcing an overseas item

CDHB staff and other members

Charges will vary according to where the item is sourced from, whether in New Zealand or from an overseas library or supplier. We will check costs with you before sourcing an item.

These costs include:

Service Charge $7.50
Vendor Charge $7.50 charge for items from Health Lib, but $13.50 to $50.00 for items from other suppliers
Urgent fee (for urgent patient care) $10 per urgent delivery

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Interloaning journal articles, book chapters and conference papers

Copies generally arrive within 2-3 working days.We will email you when the article arrives. Follow the links in the email to access the pdf. Due to copyright restrictions, the pdf will only remain in your account for 30 days so we advise you to print or save the document as soon as you can. Copies are yours to keep.

Due to copyright, only one article from an issue of a journal may be requested at one time, or two articles if they are on the same topic.

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Interloaning books, microfiche, audiovisual material and theses

Loans generally arrive within 3-5 working days although may take longer if coming from overseas.

We will email you when the book arrives. The email will include the pickup location (which you would have selected when you placed the request) and the due date. We will post loans out to distance students.

Most loans are supplied for a four-week loan and can usually be renewed if you need them for longer. Some loans will be supplied as 'Reference only' and must be used in the Library.

New Zealand theses are relatively easy to source at no cost to you. Theses from overseas institutions can be more difficult to source and often have to be purchased. Interloan staff will advise you of your options.

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How to renew Interloans

to your Interloan account

  1. In your Account Details under Interlibrary Loan Requests find the item you want to renew
  2. Select Renew
  3. Your renewal request will go to the Library who supplied the interloan. They will approve the renewal and extend the due date, or they will decline the renewal which means you need to return it by the original due date.

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Returning interloaned books

You can return your Interloan book(s) to the Canterbury Medical Library.

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How will you contact me?

UOC staff / students

We will contact you via your University of Otago assigned email address. If you do not use this address, you can set up email forwarding from your student Webmail account.

CDHB staff

We will contact you via the email address you supplied when you registered as a member with the library.

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Contact Interloans

Please email: or phone +64 3 364 0500 if you have any questions or feedback about the Interloans service.

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