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Liver Sieve Research Group

The Liver Sieve research group has an interest in the fine vessels of the liver. These vessels are unique in having small (0.1 millionth of a metre) holes in their walls. The holes act as a filter or sieve restricting large particles to the blood and allowing smaller particles into the liver.

Liver structure and ultra structure

The Liver sieve, formed by fenestrated sinusoidal endothlium, separates chylomicrons and food fats from their remnants with dietary cholesterol and fat soluble vitamins.

The sieve is altered by many factors such as nicotine, alcohol, stress, ageing, diabetes and detergents, thus leading to post prandial hyperlipidaemia atherosclerosis and osteoporosis. We have also shown an open sieve plays a part in immune tolerance.

These pages describe some of the background, findings and publications arising from this work.