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CDHB research guidelines and regulations

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Project registration

Are you doing research within or with the CDHB?

Check to see if you need to register your project

CDHB research regulations

Guidelines for researchers

I am new to research, where do I start?

Here are some resources that were used at a 2017 RMO conference about where to start your research journey.

2017 RMO mini conference

What is Research vs an Audit?

Research Audits

In accordance with the Research Policy, all research within the Canterbury District Health Board must be registered with and processed through the CDHB Research Office. This includes the registration and processing of authorisation documentation for Research Audits.

Non Research Clinical Audits / Quality Improvement audits do not have to be registered with the Research Office and as such do not have to have their documentation authorised through research office processes.

See the Fact Sheet and link to the corresponding CDHB Research Audit Versus Clinical Audit worksheet to answer to following questions.

Is my project a Clinical Audit or a Research Audit?
Do I need HDEC ethical approval for my Audit? Will I need this in order to publish?

Forms and templates

Short processing times and successful funding applications are dependent on the usage of the correct forms and templates.

Go to the forms and templates webpage