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Previous research seminars - 2014

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Date Title Speaker
Wednesday 15 January Presentation Skills and Dealing with the Media Workshop Carole Acheson
Friday 24 January Summer Studentship Final Presentations Summer Students
Monday 3 February Reflective Practice Workshop Professor Isobel Braidman
Monday 24 February The local effects of adipocytes on breast cancer cells Dr Margaret Currie and Dr Elisabeth Phillips
Thursday 6 March Canterbury Collaborative Simulation Interest Group Various
Monday 10 March Writing a sucessful grant application Professor Christine Winterbourn
Wednesday 12 March What a Wonderful World Marcus Chown
Monday 17 March Mucosal associate invariant T (MAIT) cells - A new player in antibactrial immunity Dr James Ussher
Tuesday 18 March EMDR its clinical applications Dr Deb Wood
Wednesday 19 March Living and Aging with Spinal Cord Injury Various speakers
Monday 24 March Gut bacteria and colorectal cancer Dr Jacqui Keenan
Tuesday 25 March Cognitive Rehabilitation for Mood Disorders Professor Richard Porter
Monday 31 March Soluble Urate - An endogenous driver of immune moderation? Dr Jacquie Harper
Thursday 3 April Simulation Based Education Workshop Various speakers
Monday 28 April Good and bad mothers: Child interests, social justice and assisted reproductive technologies Sheryl de Lacey and John McMillan
Monday 28 April Immunology in the gut: clinical observations as a basis for intervention Dr Roslyn Kemp
Monday 5 May Are New Zealand Coroner's Recommendations Maximising their Preventivie Potnetial? Jennifer Moore
Monday 5 May Oxygen and our gas-gussling brains; a radical perspective! Professor Damian Bailey
Monday 12 May Uric Acid: A Pro-oxidant Masquerading as an Antioxidant Professor Tony Kettle
Wednesday 14 May Meta-analysis and meta-regression Dr Suetonia Palmer, Dr John Pearson, Dr Jonathan Williman and Dr James Foulds
Monday 19 May G-quadruplex structures in DNA: genetic quirk or fundamental genomic feature? Professor Martin Kennedy
Monday 26 May Modular assembly of engineered articular cartilage Ben Schon
Monday 9 June HRC Roadshow 2015 Dr Robin Olds
Monday 9 June A seven year journey Dr Anja Werno
Friday 13 June Mitochondrial Dysfunction in the Placenta with Preeclampsia and Obesity: Role of miR-210 Professor Leslie Myatt
Monday 16 June Immuno-suppressive Effects of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Cells Dr Barry Hock
Tuesday 17 June Treatment and Classification of Personality Disorders Professor Roger Mulder
Friday 20 June No time to reflect?  Real quality clinical care through simulation and debriefing Dr Demian Szyld
Monday 23 June Cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus in breast cancer Professor Ann Richardson
Friday 4 July New Strategies in Tissue Engineering to Regenerate a Range of Tissues Professor Rui Reis
Monday 7 July CaMKII - A key signaling molecule in cardiac pathophysiology Dr Jeff Erickson
Friday 11 July Election Year - Political Dialogue Megan Woods, Labour Party
Monday 14 July Objective Well-Being Associate Professor Andrew Moore
Monday 14 July Vitamin C in Human Health and Disease Dr Anitra Carr
Wednesday 16 July Aspiring to produce decolonised research - A seminar for all Maori researchers Linda Tuhiwai Smith
Wednesday 16 July What is Maori responsive research?  And how do I do it?  A seminar for all University and CDHB researchers Linda Tuhiwai Smith
Friday 18 July Election Year - Political Dialogue Kevin Hague, Green Party
Monday 21 July Urate Lowering Therapy - Can we use Pharmacogenetics to Predict Response? Professor Lisa Stamp
Thursday 21 July The Future of Health Depends on Delaying the Ageing Process Professor David Le Couter
Monday 28 July Exosomes and apoptotic vesicles in immunity and thrombosis Associate Professor Alex McLellan
Monday 4 August Understanding Breast Cancer RIsk: The impact of genetic research Dr Logan Walker
Friday 8 August Election Year: Political Dialogue Annette King, Labour Party (Health Spokesperson)
Monday 11 August The epidemiology and control of Campylobactor spp. in New Zealand: What have we learned over the last decade? Professor Nigel French
Monday 18 August We're going 5', and we may be some time Associate Professor Chris Pemberton
Friday 22 August Electrion Year: Political Dialogue Tony Ryal, National Party (Health Spokesperson)
Friday 22 August George Abbott Symposuim Professor Adam Jaffe (Sydney Children's Hospital) and Professor Innes Asher (University of Auckland)
Thursday 28 August Canterbury Comprehensive Cancer Centre - C4 Cancer Research Public Open Day Various
Monday 1 September Gene expression changes induced by mood stabilisers in a serotonergic cell line Diana Balasubramanain
Monday 8 September CMV: A meta analysis defence Dr John Pearson
Monday 15 September Urate Oxidation Products - Potential Biomarkers of Inflammation Dr Rufus Turner
Monday 22 September The effect of cell metabolism on epigenetic processes in cancer cells Bee Bathish
Monday 22 September Redox changes in TNF-medicated nectoptosis Masuma Zawari
Monday 17 October Protein oxidation in the nutrophil phagosome Dr Louisa Forbes
Monday 24 October Emma Kenagy and Professor David Murdoch
Monday 24 October When it all goes wrong!  Sharing the bad and the good in simulation Canterbury Collaborative Simulation Interest Group Meeting
Monday 9 November Uric acid - the old, the new and the future Dr Andrew Bahn
Monday 16 November Gastric bypass as a model for studying obesity and type-2 diabetes: a focus on DNA methylation and miRNA Dr Donia Macartney-Coxson