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Summer Studentship Programme information for supervisors

What do I need to know/do regarding project applications?

  • Read the handbook [PDF 728KB]. It has all the rules and your obligations.
  • Meet submission deadlines
  • Select your student
  • Be available for your student
  • Sign your student's paperwork

Project Submission

  • Email the completed form (please fill in ALL sections) in WORD format not pdf to by 4.00pm, Monday 2 July 2018.
  • Send a signed hard copy of the completed form (please fill in ALL sections) to the Research Office by 4.00pm, Monday 2 July 2018.
  • Your project application will be assessed by a panel of 4 members from the UOC Research Committee.

Project accepted, now what?

  • If your project is selected by the committee, then sponsorship will be sought. While we do our best, funding cannot be guaranteed for all accepted projects. We will advise you if we have secured funding for your project.
  • If required, provide copy of ethics current approval. You must send the Research Office a copy of your ethical approval as soon as you receive it. Your project will not be advertised to students if it does not have full ethical approval (if required).
  • 1 October 2018 - Projects will be advertised. Students will contact the project's first supervisor directly. If you are having trouble attracting suitable students, please contact us and we can look at targeting specific groups of students ie. Engineering or Physio students
  • 26 October - 2018 - Final day for student selection
  • 3 December 2018 - Final start date for students

What do the students need from me?

Read the handbook [PDF 728KB]

Things to consider but not limited to:

  • Workspace and equipment (as applicable). Details are in the handbook.
  • Security access (as applicable). Details are in the handbook.
  • Paperwork completed in a timely manner
  • An inspiring example of research life

Will I need Ethics Approval?

Does your research involve humans or animals?

  • If yes, you require Ethics Approval.
    If you use patient information, you may require Ethics Approval. 
  • If no, you do not require Ethics Approval.
  • If in doubt, contact the UOC Research Office for advice

Do I need Māori consultation?

Yes, all projects require Māori consultation. 

UOC research

Complete the online UOC Māori consultation form and you will be contacted for an appointment

CDHB research

Complete the online CDHB Māori consultation form and you will be contacted by the Research Office administrator

Will I need Locality Assessment?

Is the project in the CDHB? ie. staff, facilities, records. 

  • If yes, you require Locality Assessment. 
    Contact the CDHB Research Office
  • If no, you do not require Locality Assessment.
  • If in doubt, contact the CDHB Research Office.

CDHB Research Office

Tel 64 3 364 1513

UOC Research Office

Tel 64 3 364 0237 

Forms for supervisors

Windows 7 and IE8 Users: You can download your form by hovering over the form name, right click, "Save Target As" and save the form on your computer.