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Information for master's thesis students

Master's thesis scholarships

Applications for masters' thesis scholarships are made online through the eVision portal and can be made at any time of the year.

Once you have applied for admission to your programme you will receive an alert in your student portal inviting you to apply for a scholarship.

Find out more about scholarships here.

Students need to enrol every year while undertaking a master's degree. 

Change of thesis details

The University’s Graduate Research Office requires the following changes to be recorded via a hard copy form:

  • Change of Topic
  • Change of Supervisory arrangements
  • Change to Full-time/Part-time status
  • Change of supervising department or subject code
  • Off campus study approval

Download: Request for change of research details form

Applying for a Period of Deferral 

Students are required to be continuously enrolled until submission of their thesis. Circumstances, however, may make it necessary for a student to withdraw from Master’s study for a period of time. Through student’s eVision portal, an application can be made for a deferral, which will include information regarding the reason for a deferral, and a specific start and end date for the period of temporary withdrawal. The deferral can be from one month – and note it must be from the first day of a month to a last day of a month), up to a maximum set by the department. During the period of withdrawal the thesis clock is stopped, any scholarships payments cease, and the deadline for submission of the thesis is extended accordingly. Also, the candidate has no right to any services or support, including supervision, from the University during the period of withdrawal.

To apply for a deferral:

  • Go into your eVision portal
  • Go to My research
  • Click on See more
  • Click on Deferral request
  • Complete the details

Then an email should come through to your course administrator who will print out the form and get it signed off.

Permanent withdrawal

Any decision to withdraw permanently from a master's programme should be made only after careful consideration of all the factors involved, and after discussion with appropriate parties, including the Head of Department. Students can apply for permanent withdrawal through their eVision portal. The regulations of some Master's degrees make provision, in the case of withdrawal, for papers already passed to be credited towards a Postgraduate Diploma or a Diploma for Graduates. Students should consult their Head of Department in the first instance.

Writing the thesis

Submission and examination process

A summary of the submission process can be found here and the examination process, here. A plagiarism check is required before submission and has to be confirmed on the thesis submission form. See Plagiarism


Students apply for a place in a graduation ceremony via your eVision student portal, which can only be done when applications are open. Please refer to for further information.

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