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Undergraduate study in Classics

Bachelor of Arts

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics offers you opportunities to explore the history and culture of Classical civilisation, giving you a broad perspective on the underlying foundations of Western civilisation itself.

All students are welcome to study Classics, Greek, and Latin at Otago. No prior knowledge or qualifications is needed.

Not only are the courses we offer diverse, but we also encourage and foster a research culture from undergraduate level. We provide training in the core skills required for employment in the creative fields. You may want to become a curator, librarian, or teacher, work in journalism, public relations, or become involved in manuscript preservation. A Bachelors of Arts in Classics will help you gain employment in these industries.

Visit the Papers page for courses offered by the Classics Programme

Classics as a major subject for the BA

The major subject requirement for the BA in Classics is:

100 level:
any two 100-level papers of CLAS, GREK or LATN
200 level:
any three 200-level papers of CLAS, GREK or LATN
300 level:
any four 300-level papers of CLAS, GREK or LATN

It would be an advantage to do two papers of GREK or LATN as well as CLAS papers in your first year, as this increases your range of options for subsequent years. Or you could consider doing three CLAS papers in your first year, which will give you a good broad foundation for more advanced work.

Classics as a minor or subsidiary subject for the BA

Classics is also an ideal subsidiary subject for the BA degree, with links to many other subjects (History, Philosophy, Theology, Political Studies, Theatre Studies, Sociology and Gender Studies, English, Psychology, Anthropology, and Law).

Separate minors are available in Classics. A minor typically consists of 5 papers from 100 to 300 level.

Further information

Questions concerning undergraduate study should be directed to:

Arlene Allan
Undergraduate Academic Subject Adviser (Classics)