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Email in the Computer Science department

Email is the means with which the department keeps in touch with you. You may be sent updates to assignment specifications, notification that an assignment has been marked, even invitations to social events via this mail account. You may communicate with class reps via our local mailing lists. Because the department uses e-mail to communicate with you, you must read it regularly; we recommend at least once a day.

Email addresses

If you are an undergraduate student, the department uses your email address to which to send email. You may still have a Computer Science email address, but that will not be used for departmental communications.
If you are a postgraduate student, your Computer Science email account will be used.

Please Note :-

You should make sure that whatever mailreader you use is configured so that it does not open attachments automatically. Computer viruses often arrive as attachments, and spread by being opened automatically; this is one of the main causes of viruses in the University.

If you are using an html-aware browser to read your mail, then make sure that it is set up so that it does not automatically open links. Spammers often put code in messages to retrieve a zero-length image - so that they will know when a message has been read and that the address is thus valid. If you open links automatically, you will soon be on their list.

Please keep traffic at a reasonable level. Do not use it as a means of transferring the latest debian images which you have used our network resources and our disk resources to obtain (and don't use our resources to obtain them - the sysadmins can probably provide you with a copy if you are desperate!).