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We also maintain a page showing details of all our postgraduates, both MSc and PhD students, and their ongoing research outputs here. Completed graduates can also be found on that page, with thesis links.

Current Postgraduates


Waqas Ahmad - 'Efficient transmission schemes for large-scale MIMO systems', supervised by Haibo Zhang and Yawen Chen.

Mahdi Arghavani - 'Efficient congestion control for high throughput and low latency', supervised by Haibo Zhang and David Eyers.

Ashraful Alam - 'Wireless Sensor Network Security using Access Control Mechanisms and Cryptographic Techniques in Cross-Layer Protocols', supervised by David Eyers and Zhiyi Huang.

Lewis Baker - 'Augmented Reality for On-site Visualisation of Sports Data', supervised by Steven Mills, Stefanie Zollmann, Tobias Langlotz (Information Science).

Jordan Campbell - 'Co-operative Tracking in Distributed Camera Networks', supervised by Steven Mills, Mike Paulin (Zoology).

Lena Collienne - 'Computational methods for phylogenetic time-tree inference', supervised by Alex Gavryushkin, David Bryant (Maths & Stats).

Travis Dai - 'Accelerating the Artificial Neural Networks on Optical Network-on-chip', supervised by Yawen Chen, Zhiyi Huang, and Haibo Zhang.

Shuangyao Huang - 'Energy Efficient Path Planning Schemes for UAV Swarms', supervised by Haibo Zhang and Zhiyi Huang.

Sajida Kalsoom - 'Biometric-based Multi-Principal Authentication and Authorisation Models', supervised by Steven Mills and David Eyers.

Mahdi Amiri Kordestani - 'Virtualisation in multicore computing', supervised by Zhiyi Huang and David Eyers.

Jinge Li - 'Wilf equivalence in permutation classes', supervised by Michael Albert.

Wei Hong Lo - 'Situated Visualisation to Enrich Sports Experience for On-site Spectators', supervised by Stefanie Zollmann and Holger Regenbrecht (Information Science).

Pradeesh Parameswaran - Identifying and ranking fake amazon reviews, supervised by Andrew Trotman and David Eyers.

Franz Ombler - 'Improving PAPRIKA', supervised by Michael Albert.

Ying Pang - 'distributed machine learning for communication and network optimization', supervised by Haibo Zhang, Jeremiah Deng (Information Science), and Lizhi Peng (University of Jinan in China).

Harley Paterson - 'Dynamic software updating', supervised by Zhiyi Huang and David Eyers.

Daniel Slack - 'Neural network models of visuomotor cognition', supervised by Ali Knott and Brendan McCane.

Murray Tannock - 'Combinatorics of relational classes', supervised by Michael Albert.

Luming Wan - 'Efficient routing in delay-tolerant networks based on fine-grained contact history', supervised by Haibo Zhang and Yawen Chen.

Haitao Xu - 'Deep learning and support vector machines', supervised by Brendan McCane and Lech Szymanski.

Xiaogang Yan - 'Manipulation and Object Representation', supervised by Ali Knott and Steven Mills.


Reuben Crimp - 'Improving Ad Hoc Retrieval with Linguistic Semantics', supervised by Andrew Trotman.

Anthony Dickson - '3D from single view videos', supervised by Stefanie Zollmann.

Kieran Elmes - 'Computational methods for inferring genetic interactions', supervised by Alex Gavryushki and Zhiyi Huang.

Patrick Skinner - 'Localisation for Augmented Reality', supervised by Stefanie Zollmann.

Craig Thomas - 'Forcing Neural Networks to Behave using Interpretability Methods', supervised by Lech Szymanski.

James Byron Walmsley - 'Efficient configuration of transmitting parameters for low-power wide-area networks', supervised by Haibo Zhang.