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People in the AI Research Group

Academic Staff in the AI Group

Anthony Robins: Neural Networks, Cognitive Science.
Alistair Knott: Neural networks, cognitive science, computational linguistics.
Brendan McCane: Computer Vision.
Andrew Trotman: Information extraction; information retrieval.
Lech Syzmanski: Neural Networks, Pattern recognition.

Postgraduate Students

Daniel Slack (PhD) Neural network models of visuomotor cognition.
Glenn Blanchette (PhD) Learning in neural networks in conditions of uncertainty and managing belief change in a neural network
Chris Gorman (PhD) Neural Network models of language and sensorimotor cognition

Research Fellows and Research Assistants

Martin Takac: Marsden Funded project - Does language syntax mirror the structure of sensorimotor cognition?

Past Staff and Students

Past Academic Staff
Hans van Ditmarsch: Logic.
Simon McCallum: Computer games.

Past Research Assistants
Peter Vlugter: Māori-English natural language processing; human-machine dialogue systems.
Ian Bayard: Māori-English natural language processing.
Janet Rountree: Learning a first programming language.
Tori Weatherall: Māori-English natural language processing; Māori language education.

Past Postgraduate Students
Azam Shirrafi (PhD) Theoretical investigation of synaptic plasticity
Gonzalo Sanchez Nido (PhD) Molecular genetics of long-term synaptic plasticity
Andrew Webb (PhD) Language and sensory motor cognition.
Mira Guise (PhD) Spiking Network Models of Memory and Representation
Claudia Ott (PhD) Investigation and improvement of CS1 learning outcomes.
Paul McCarthy (PhD) Analysis of fMRI/EEG Data using Graph Theory Techniques
Nicholas Hananeia (MSc) Computational modelling of synaptic plasticity
Jennifer McDonald (PhD) A pragmatic tutorial dialogue system: design, implementation and evaluation in a health sciences domain
Paul McCarthy (PhD) Analysis of fMRI/EEG Data using Graph Theory Techniques
Jeremy Lee-Hand (MSc) Modelling the effect of actions
Tim Neumegen (MSc) A computational model of reaching to grasp
Thomas Harper (MSc) A Comparative Study of Function Approximators Involving Neural Networks
Jayson Mackie (PhD) Hand pose estimation.
Alicia Monteith (PhD) Learning and emotion in artificial life.
Ignas Kukenys (PhD) Face detection.
Halizah Basiron (PhD) A Statistical Model of Error Correction for Computed Assisted Language Learning Systems
Lech Szymanski (PhD) Support Vector Machines.
Hayden Walles (PhD) Language and sensory motor cognition.
Simon McCallum (PhD) Catastrophic learning and pseudo-rehearsal solution in Hopfield networks.
Michael Liddle (PhD) Neural network models of vision and visual attention.
Corrin Lakeland (PhD) Computational Linguistics.
Andrew Trotman (PhD) Information extraction and retrieval.
Nathan Rountree (PhD) Initialising neural networks with prior knowledge.
Gregory Caza (MSc) Language and intention recognition in infants.
Robin Sheat (MSc) The effect of representation on the evolution of genetic algorithms
Tom Eastman (MSc) The use of constructive neural networks in serial learning.
Anar Khan (MSc) A text mining tool for biomedical applications.
Andrew Rowse (MSc) Neural networks, motor control.
Andrew Webb (MSc) Multi-agent simulations of language evolution.