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Graphics and Vision Research Group

People - Staff


Brendan McCane

Associate Professor
Computer vision, medical imaging, machine learning.
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Steven Mills

Senior Lecturer
Steven's research interests are in computer vision, and particularly in the reconstruction of 3D scenes from multiple views. He is also interested in related fields such as motion analysis, stereo vision, and image based rendering.
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Stefanie Zollmann

Stefanie's main research interest is Visual Computing, a field described as the intersection between traditional Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Visualisation and Human-Computer Interaction. Within this field, she is particularly interested in Situated Visualisation, where digital data needs to be seen in its spatial context. This has applications in geospatial data visualisation, sports broadcasting, construction, and archaeology.
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David Eyers

Associate Professor
David is also member of the Systems Research Group, but many of the techniques he studies find application in computer vision and computer graphics. This includes parallel, distributed, and heterogenous computation for large-scale computer vision tasks and co-operative processing among distributed sensors.
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Emeritus Members

Geoff Wyvill

Emeritus Professor
Computer Graphics, modeling, rendering and texture generation, interaction and user interface, computers and music.
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