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Articles for the keyword(s) "Natural justice"

"The Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Amendment Act 1992: A Half Step Towards CER"

David Goddard, 1992

This article presents a critical appraisal of the Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Amendment Act 1992 within the context of the CER (Closer Economic Relations) initiative between New Zealand and Australia. The author welcomes the extension of recognition (through registration) to foreign non-money judgments, final or interlocutory, but criticises continued adherence to the requirement of reciprocity. The article also addresses other crucial issues, such as the failure to provide for ex parte relief in New Zealand in support of Australian proceedings, interpretation of the "natural justice" defence and differences between New Zealand and Australian extra-territorial jurisdictional bases.

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"The Trend towards Recognition of Polygamous Marriages in Common Law Countries and Matters Incidental Thereto"

A Hiller, 1963

This article traces the history of the recognition of polygamous marriages in regard to legitimacy of children and succession to property with reference to English law. The author also explores the attitude of the English courts towards the recognition of the dissolution of polygamous marriages through non-judicial forms of divorce. Finally, the article examines the character and definition of polygamous marriages with reference to English, New Zealand, Canadian and United States case law.