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Articles for the keyword(s) "Polygamy"

"The Trend towards Recognition of Polygamous Marriages in Common Law Countries and Matters Incidental Thereto"

A Hiller, 1963

This article traces the history of the recognition of polygamous marriages in regard to legitimacy of children and succession to property with reference to English law. The author also explores the attitude of the English courts towards the recognition of the dissolution of polygamous marriages through non-judicial forms of divorce. Finally, the article examines the character and definition of polygamous marriages with reference to English, New Zealand, Canadian and United States case law.

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"Validity of Talak Divorce in New Zealand Dissolving Potentially Polygamous Marriage"

PRH Webb, 1979

Hassan v Hassan [1978] 1 NZLR 385 concerned an application for a declaration that a Mohammedan marriage had been validly dissolved through a talak, pronounced in New Zealand. In this case note the author examines relevant New Zealand legislation and case law pertaining to the availability of matrimonial relief in relation to potentially polygamous marriages, as well as the recognition of non-judicial divorce.