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Articles for the keyword(s) "Act of State doctrine"

"A Proposal to Improve the Protection of New Zealand’s Movable Cultural Heritage by Means of a Statutory Trust"

Jonathan Keate, 1993

This article examines and evaluates the effectiveness of the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Bill, focusing on the recovery of illegally exported cultural property with reference to the private international law principles of unenforceability of foreign penal and other public laws. The author proposes the creation of a statutory trust, which would accord with charitable trust principles, as a more effective means to recover illegally exported cultural objects through proceedings in overseas courts.

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"Lorentzen v Lydden: Dead and Buried?"

Elsabe Schoeman, 2004

In Peer International Corp v Termidor Music Publishers Ltd [2004] 2 WLR 849 the English Court of Appeal applied the lex situs rule to deny extraterritorial effect to a foreign governmental act (Cuban Law 860) in regard to (English-owned) copyright. Although this decision has effectively overruled Lorentzen v Lydden & Co Ltd [1942] 2 KB 202, the author points out that reference was made to the nature of the decree (confiscatory or not), which should not have been a relevant consideration on the facts of the case.

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"International Litigation and the Reworking of the Conflict of Laws"

Campbell McLachlan, 2004

This article focuses on the growth in international commercial litigation in the English courts over a period of 25 years and the emphasis this has placed on the process of litigation. The author examines the impact of this on choice of law and the broader discipline of private international law.