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Articles for the keyword(s) "Domicile of choice"

"Losing a Domicile of Choice"

GF Orchard, 1968

In a note on Re Flynn (deceased) Flynn v Flynn, the author discusses the different tests as regards the requisite intention for the abandonment of a domicile of choice: (1) the loss of the requisite intention for acquiring a domicile of choice, or (2) a positive intention not to return to the domicile of choice. The first test was favoured in Re Flynn, which would have made it easier to lose a domicile of choice and, at the time, that would more readily have led to a revival of the domicile of origin.

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"Reform of the Law of Domicile in Australasia with Particular Reference to the New Zealand Domicile Act 1976"

CF Forsyth, 1977

In this article the author highlights and comments on the most important reforms introduced by the Domicile Act 1976. The main focus is on: the abolition of the domicile of dependence in the case of married women and potential problems regarding the ascertainment of the matrimonial domicile where spouses have different domiciles; the domicile of children and problem areas, such as the domicile of foundlings and adoptive children; the abolition of the revival of the domicile of origin; the new statutory domicile of choice.