PMAA 2017 Conference "New Approaches, Changed Understandings"

Conference Dates: 1 - 3 March 2017
Venue: Dunedin, New Zealand

The conference’s world-class keynote speakers were:

The Performance Measurement Association of Australasia (PMAA) 2017 Conference was PMAA’s third biennial conference. The conference promoted, questioned, challenged and criticised theories and applications of performance measurement and management in all spheres of industry, commerce, government and society. The conference theme focuses on innovation in performance measurement and management thought and practice.

PMAA’s aim was to engage practitioners, academics and consultants in a joint dialogue on inter-disciplinary performance measurement and management issues evident in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in the areas of:
• Holistic Performance Management, showing the links and inter-dependencies
• Performance Measurement Frameworks
• Sustainability and Performance Measurement
• Design of Information Flows
• Designing and Implementing Performance Measurement and Management Systems
• Disciplinary/Functional Perspectives on Performance
• Managing Organizational Performance and Performance Measurement Systems (PMS’s)
• Measurement and Management of Intellectual Capital and Intangible Assets
• Measuring Dimensions of Performance, including Performance from Learning and Development Outlays
• Measuring Performance in Design and New Product Research & Development
• Organizational Structure/Responsibility Centre Design and Accountability
• Performance alignment, e.g. KPIs, underlying business drivers.
• Performance Measurement and Management, including Change
• Performance Measurement and Management in Different Organizational Contexts (e.g. industrial and commercial sectors, service sectors, governmental sectors, geographical locations, cultural spheres, etc.)
• Performance Reporting and Disclosure (e.g. Operating and Financial Review, Environmental Reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility)
• Strategic Position/Alignment
• Strategy and Information Systems
• Supply Chain Management


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