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Terms of Reference

  • To review and recommend to the University Council on all matters relating to health and safety and ethical approvals, including related statutory compliance;
  • To ensure that the University Council is regularly provided information in order that its members:    
    1. are kept up-to-date with knowledge of work health, safety and wellbeing matters;
    2. maintain an understanding of the operations of the University, and generally of the hazards and risks associated with those operations;
    3. can be satisfied the University has in place, and is using, appropriate resources and processes:        
      1. to eliminate or minimise health and safety risks; and
      2. for complying with its other Health and Safety duties and obligations
    4. can be satisfied that the University has appropriate processes in place for receiving and considering information regarding incidents, hazards, and risks and for responding  in a timely way to that information; and
    5. can verify the provision and use of the resources and processes referred to in paragraphs (c) and (d)

Last updated: 29 November 2022


  • One lay member of the University Council (Convener)
  • Two further members of the University Council
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise)
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Health Sciences
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Sciences
  • Chief Operating Officer

Convenor appointed by Council

In attendance

  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Property Services;
  • Director, Health and Safety
  • Registrar & Secretary to the Council (Secretary)

The following will attend when presenting reports:

  • Chair, Human Ethics Committee
  • Chair, Animal Ethics Committee, Dunedin
  • Chair, Institutional Biological Safety Committee
  • Chair, Hazardous Substances and Radiation Committee

Committee to meet bi-monthly and to receive reports from the following sub-committees.


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