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COSC204 Computer Systems

Computer systems from hardware to operating systems. How computation is executed on a CPU, assembly language and C programming, operating system concepts, process scheduling, and resource management.

Paper title Computer Systems
Paper code COSC204
Subject Computer Science
EFTS 0.1500
Points 18 points
Teaching period Semester 2 (On campus)
Domestic Tuition Fees (NZD) $1,141.35
International Tuition Fees Tuition Fees for international students are elsewhere on this website.

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(COMP 101 or BSNS 106) and (COMP 160 or COMP 162)
COSC 243
Schedule C
Arts and Music, Commerce, Science

Teaching staff

Associate Professor Andrew Trotman and Assoicate Professor Zhiyi Huang



Bryant, R. & O'Hallaron, D. Computer Systems: A Programmers Perspective, 3rd edition, 2021:

Siberschatz, A. et at. Operationg System Concepts (8th or 9th edition), Wiley.

Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis Ritchie, C Programming Language, 2nd Edition.

William Stallings, Computer Organization and Architecture, 10th Edition.


Graduate Attributes Emphasised
Lifelong learning, Scholarship, Critical thinking, Environmental literacy, Information literacy, Research, Self-motivation.
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Learning Outcomes

By completion of this paper students are expected to:

  • Understand how programs are executed on computer hardware
  • Demonstrate an ability to read and write assembly language programs
  • Be able to construct programs in C and understand its role as a systems programming language
  • Understand the fundamental principles and structure of an operating system
  • Understand core operating systems algorithms such as process scheduling and resource allocation and management
  • Be aware of the importance of efficient use of resources from computational, economic, and environmental viewpoints

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Semester 2

Teaching method
This paper is taught On Campus
Learning management system

Computer Lab

Stream Days Times Weeks
Attend one stream from
A1 Tuesday 09:00-10:50 28-34, 36-41
A2 Tuesday 12:00-13:50 28-34, 36-41
A3 Tuesday 14:00-15:50 28-34, 36-41
AND one stream from
B1 Friday 09:00-10:50 29-34, 36-41
B2 Friday 12:00-13:50 29-34, 36-41
B3 Friday 14:00-15:50 29-34, 36-41


Stream Days Times Weeks
A1 Monday 11:00-11:50 28-34, 36-41
Thursday 11:00-11:50 28-34, 36-41